Scotch Rocks

Scotch Rocks


Scotch Rocks is an indie rock band with tight arrangements, sweet harmonies, and meaningfully catchy songs.


Upcoming front page arts feature in the Boston Globe, Friday, July 14, 2006.
Current airplay on WFNX, WBOS, WERS America's #1 college radio station and others.
Hard at work on 2nd record with NYC Producer Caleb Shreve.

Scotch Rocks was destined to be born. Their music comes from the hard work and dedication of three great friends, who have worked together in one form or another for over 15 years. Scotch Rocks is the band they all dreamed of playing in one day. A band with songs people want and need to hear, lyrics that matter, and a contagious and mesmerizing energy in their live shows. Chris Canney on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Matt Ferrel on bass and vocals, as well as Chris Powers on drums and vocals, live to play music. Their music is filled with colorful harmonies, unforgettable guitar hooks, and explosive dynamics. If you haven't caught their live show yet, do yourself a favor a check it out.



Written By: Chris Canney

almost crossed the line
from heartsick to nothing left
i was the one who
couldn't keep his fingers crossed
all those open miles between
don't make me want you less

whisper me to sleep
darling come back to me
please let me dream
I'm not alone again
almost crossed the line
from heartsick and nothing left

Stop where you are
I need you here
this old heart
will keep on beating
stop where you are
I need you here

Are you back to life, I'm laying here waiting for you to decide
I've been less than fine
don't want to wake up again
Hear me across the lines
I'm losing hope, losing time
almost crossed the line
from heart sick to nothing left

All you ever want is gone

Stop where you are
I need you here
This old heart
will keep on beating
stop where you are
I need you here


Written By: Chris Canney

so cold
snow won't stick
heart's froze
no one close
on the road
lights dim low
through north dakota

no sound
on the street
white out
we are heat
on the road
lights dim low
through north dakota

radio, radio
drive me home

Is That What You Want

Written By: Jordan Caress

I think it’s time you remembered what you did
and why
Breaking the ties between a mother and her kid
and how?

time won’t let this be over and I
can’t act like it’s over, that’s a lie
like the ones I told you to survive

you know I feel so young
but when it’s said and done
that’s no excuse for being dumb
I can’t pass this cup
so I guess I’ll just grow up
and show them that they haven’t won

is that what you want?
you won
is that what you want?
you won

I have these visions while I’m sleeping
wake me up
i’m up
years later we’re just not speaking
and that look, that look that you’re giving me

I’m trying hard to be stronger than this
so I act like it’s better than this
I can’t live with you feeling like this, like this


Debut Full Length Record "Scotch Rocks" available online and at shows.
Songs available at:
Tracks receiving Radio and Internet play!!!

Set List

Set Lists are very flexible depending on venue and set length. Almost all sets include "Is That What You Want", "Stop", "Radio", "M.I.A", "War of 1812", and "Evidence." The band is always writing new material and adding it into our sets. Typically clubs ask for an hour set, but we have played upwards of 2.5 hr sets when requested.