The Colony, Texas, USA

A. Scott Geller is spirited, full of soul, and passionate about making music. These qualities shine through in his approach to crafting meaningful lyrics and euphonic melodies that are resonant with audiences of all ages who appreciate Americana music.


A. Scott Geller was influenced musically at a young age by the large cassette collection that his older brothers owned and later his father bought an arsenal of CD's when they first came out. Scott started learning and teaching himself guitar and used the internet, creativity, hard work, and the collaboration of other aspiring musicians to hone his craft to what it is today. His style ranges from a mix of folk, blues, bluegrass, and rock n' roll. Often times melody driven but just as ready to jam, Scott's songs are personally inspired and feature political satire, love songs, storytelling, heartbreak, humor, and more.


Land of the SUV

Written By: A. Scott Geller

Get 10 miles a gallon but that’s ok
It’s all about how much they pay
In the land of the SUV

In the land of the SUV
Environment’s reminded of mortality
In the land of the SUV

In the land of the SUV
There’s fog and haze through which you can’t see
In the land of the SUV

In the land of the SUV
Excess and waste are the way to be
In the land of the SUV

In the land of the SUV
One day we’ll regret and be sorry
We made the land of the SUV

Set List

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