"I didn’t know what to expect from Scot*Slate when I was first put onto them, and the samples on their FB page give some but not a lot away about their music. What you’ve got here though is a band who can craft tracks which engage you and make you want to hear more whilst making sure that their sound is unique and fresh. There isn’t a single track here which sounds the same as the one before, and that’s testament to their ability to create stand alone tracks which constantly keep you listening a


SCOTI*SLATE is aaron scoti and lars slate. a sleek, funk rockin' power duo focused on songwriting and musicianship. A uniquely familiar sound that is undeniably sexy and refreshingly organic. After years of playing all over the east coast, aaron scoti decided to move west to phoenix, az and start a new.

The project that followed achieved enough success to warrant a couple nationwide tours, major distribution and a record deal. As many good things do, this to came to an end leaving aaron exhausted, frustrated, somewhat bitter and believing he was finished with the music biz.

Lars Slate, also hailing from the east coast, although a very accomplished musician, had never found the right people to surround himself with to help take his bands much farther than local clubs and radio programs. Also frustrated and pessimistic about ever finding the right combination, Lars kept hearing aaron's name through a mutual friend that was trying to convince them that they should meet. needless to say the"meet" happened and what you are listening to is the result.

"if the music can get the ladies' hips moving and the guy's heads bouncing... i'm a happy boy." aaron scoti


Album "Good Fight" -Invengo Records-2011 release- Ascap

Radio Airplay
Free and Sprockets-Kwss 106.7

Set List

Normal Set-
Good Fight
Dirty Birdy
Magic Number
Also covers-total 40-60min