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Scotland Bailey

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | SELF

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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"Local Artist to release song on Valentines Day"

Christian rapper Chandler Scotland Bailey will release his new song called "All She Wrote" on Valentine's Day.

The song, which is from his new album "Land of the Brave," talks about the struggles of love relationships — both between God and man and between men and women, Bailey said. - St Andrews Patch

"Christian Rapper Sends Positive Message to Youth"

Chandler Scotland Bailey knows the impact music can have on lives.

Music has influenced his life. It's taken him to good places and bad places.

"Music takes you places," Bailey says.

Bailey, a lover of music since his younger years, is a Christian rapper who owns an indie music label in Columbia. He's hoping his music takes young listeners to a special place in life: a relationship with God.

Bailey, who uses Scotland as his stage name, fuses hip-hop, pop, rock and R&B music using creative metaphors to bring positive messages to youth.

In his newest song, "Futuristic Worshipper," he raps about going against the crowd and following Jesus. Another song, "Party Life feat. Ryan Cole," talks about the temptation of drinking, drugs and sex.

While his music may have a typical Christian message, the sound is something new.

"I just want to show the church where (Christian) music is shifting. It's not just an organ and a hymn anymore," Bailey said. "Now it's shifting to young guys with mohawks and skater shoes."

Bailey targets his music toward young people because he knows how music can impact their lives.

"It's a major influence to their world, the whole way their brain is working," he said.

As a 15-year-old student at Dutch Fork High School, Bailey says he was "in love with" rapper DMX. But the music introduced him to gang violence - something he wouldn't have been exposed to as the son of two pastors.

"If you really think about what DMX is saying — robbing, shooting, where's my crack? — I don't think that's music anyone wants their kids to listen to."

Bailey ended up being expelled from his high school and attending Chapin Alternative. His dreams of playing football at S.C. State ended.

Music shifted his life in a negative direction, Bailey said. But he turned things around.

"I said 'I'm not going to try to be cool here.' I had a mental shift and I said I'm not going to stay here," he said.

He became active in his church youth group, went on to play football at North Greenville University and earned a degree in Media Ministry.

Bailey had always enjoyed rapping, and during his freshman year of college he put out his first album called "Reconcile." He started playing shows at churches and nonprofit events across the state.

Bailey says teens often feel like they're stuck because their behaviors have led them to a bad place. But he tries to let teens know that they have a choice.

"I just let them know that they're faced with challenges but they can come out of it," he said. "Don't let this define you."

Whether it's through his music or his work with teens at his parent's church, Right Direction Church off of Broad River Road, Bailey tries to use music to spread a positive message.

He also knows it's important to connect with young people and draw their attention.

"I'm not going to mention John 3:16 four times in a song. I'll mention it once, but then I'll throw something in about a Ferrari because everybody knows what a Ferrari is," Bailey said. "We use whatever's going on in the world to show them who their Savior is."

Bailey continues to perform at churches and is working on growing his music label called Kingdom Muzik Entertainment. He's also taking audio classes at Midlands Technical College in Columbia.

Later this year, he plans to perform at Universal Soul Circus, a circus that features hip-hop dancers, bicycle girls and motorcycle daredevils.

Music is always taking him places, Bailey says.

"Wherever you want to go in life, surround yourself with not only the literature, but the music that will take you there."
- St Andrews Patch


Brave (Single)
All She Wrote (Single)
Futuristic Worshipper (Single)
Party Life (Single)
Dead 2 Sin (Album)
Reconcile (Album)



Let’s see. How can we describe Chandler Scotland “Scotland” Bailey?

Gospel rapper? Yes, but that’s a limited description of the artist whose lyrics and style fuses genres of Christian,Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Rock to color outside the lines. Scotland personifies versatility and creativity to draw youth and young adults of all ethnic and social backgrounds to Jesus Christ.

A witness? Without a doubt, but that inadequately describes the minister called to compel the lost with God’s message of grace, mercy and redemption--a message he knows first-hand. Transparent and unashamed about his past and testimony, Scotland has the boldness of an evangelist and can reach those some dare not touch. His passion for street and youth ministry led him and his wife to open a Christian night club, Club REACH--a name fitting for Scotland’s soul-winning quest.

College graduate? Certainly, but that barely speaks of the achiever who defied odds stacked against him to succeed academically. A graduate of North Greenville University with a degree in Media Ministry, he’s also pursuing a Master in Business Administration there. An entrepreneur, Godchild is signed to his own record label, Kingdom Musik Entertainment.

A son? Sure, but that doesn’t testify of the promise and answered prayer he is to his parents, Drs. Herbert and Marcia Bailey, Co-Pastors and Founders of Right Direction Christian Center, one of the fastest growing churches in the Greater Columbia, SC area. The inheritance of trailblazing and dynamic power is evident in Scotland’s hype and eccentric live performances. Submitted both naturally and spiritually to his parents, Scotland also serves as a Television Editor for the ministry’s broadcast, reaching thousands worldwide.

And worldwide is exactly where Scotland’s ministry is taking him. Having shared stages with artists like Canton Jones, Everyday Process, Da Truth, Meka King, Mouthpiece, April Nevels and MP3, Scotland has also ministered in Calcutta, India. He has released two projects to date: Reconciled and Street Ministry Volume 1, and several underground mix-tapes. His hit “Mind on Christ” was featured on a nationally distributed mix-tape series produced by DJ Lance. Scotland has also toured with the UniverSoul Circus and Christian Comedian Akintunde, and has been featured as a commercial actor for the Blaze Mentoring youth outreach campaign, “Go Hard, Live Hard.”

Radically anointed to reach youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Scotland, like his music, is unconventional, without limits, boundaries or definition.