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Scott W. Simpson

Warrington, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

Warrington, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Americana Acoustic




"Featured Artist: Scott Simpson"

Scott Simpson could pick up a guitar and walk onto any old stage, anywhere in the world and drop jaws. His energy and charisma ooze from every single inch of his being, all with a cheeky smile, witty remarks and fantastic rhetoric with a crowd. Offstage, Scott is a diamond geezer, a familiar face in the local and a football fanatic. On stage, he's the same bloke, but with a guitar and a microphone. That's where things get interesting; when Scott starts to play his first song, mouths shut and heads turn. It's an upbeat, ballsy blues song that kicks you in the head straight out of the gate with no remorse. Scott begins to air his grievances with the world from the word go and doesn't pull any punches, singing out to the masses in full, shimmering voice and with two fingers held up to the media, trust fund babies and the spoonfed.

The next song is much slower and has almost a Chris de Burgh feel in the verses. Scott explains how this song is about losing someone when you shouldn't have lost them, a very relatable subject that can be interpreted in hundreds of ways to different people. One thing that doesn't change is the hurt and emotion that is displayed as Scott manages to deliver a thoroughly emotive and enjoyable performance of a song that is lyrically blended in-between some blurry lines, as a lot of songwriters do, to camouflage an honest message within a metaphor. On this song, Scott's songwriting begins to shine as the first chorus lifts melancholic verse into a tremendous chorus and a hook that reaches out with a message of hope and admiration.

"Price Tag Heart" is a blatant 'pop' at the culture of reality TV and their contestants, describing the contestants as prostitutes for fame and detailing how some people would sell their soul for their 15 minutes of fame. I reckon if you were to ask Scott the old "Why don't you try the X-Factor?" question, you'd be in for a hot… hot burn.

Next, Scott brings it back down again for "Cinderellas Lament" where we were treated to a modern-day version of the fairy tale, Scott takes you on a journey full of imagery and imagination, blending the old adage with pop culture. Straight into the next track "The Raging Sea" a track that compares his emotions with others, describing his love as a raging sea and the other as a forest creating a yin/yang. This song shows a sensitivity within the artist and a need to feel out others emotions, to understand how that person works, like put the pieces of a puzzle together then going on to create a bond that was worth the gamble.

Next up Scott delivered a version of White Stripes song "Hotel Yorba" slowed down, it takes on a unique feel that has Scott Simpson's name written all over it. A Great tune, Covered in a fantastic manner.

Finally, Scott plays a song called "Drain" which is quite frankly a masterpiece. It's reminiscent of Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" as the song opens up, then the verse melody reveals lyrics that create an image of a lonely, cold room that, for me, took me to the place inside of the mind where you go when you're at your lowest and feel like there's no way out, taking the blame for getting into the situation, the chorus then builds into a spine-shivering hook, "I gotta get out just as fast I can, There's nothing left here for me man, I built the well, I drained that hole" it shines like a warriors sword, swinging through the battlefield inside of one's mind, making change to your well-being and taking a positive step, no matter how small it may be and winning those little battles. For me, this is one of the best choruses I've heard in a long, long time. The song all together is a stunner, full of emotion and heartache yet with the spirit of a tiger.

As a songwriter, Scott has an ability to create imagery and lead the listener into a land of hell and despair with a smile on their face and a warmth in their heart. Keep your eyes open for Scott's gig dates and future events, we'll definitely be sharing all we can! - Writers Block Promotions


St. Margaret



Scott W. Simpson is a Singer Songwriter based in Warrington; a small town in the NorthWest, UK. His style imposes on Conor Obersts cynical side with echos of Sonic Youth. Scott has an ability to create wonderful imagery that leads the listener into a land of hell and despair with a smile on their face and a warmth in their heart.
Scott started playing on the local scene in 2018 where he soon made a sterling reputation for being one of the best songwriters on the block, eventually suporting Inspiral Carpets front man Tom Hingley at a home town show. His debut release "St. Margaret" is an astonishing piece of songwriting that highlights the problems surrounding the current homelessness crisis in the UK. The release gained applause from local press with one blog stating that Scott was "singing out to the masses in full, shimmering voice and with two fingers held up to the media, trust fund babies and the spoonfed."
Scott has recently recorded at 5 track EP that is due for release in February 2020. To keep up to date with Scott W. Simpson make sure to like and follow the link: