Scott Allman

Scott Allman


Scott Allman is a Chicago-based contemporary jazz keyboardist and composer whose music is a colorful palette balancing dynamic grooves with expressive melodies. Creating moods that span from intimate and thoughtful, to gritty and urban, Scott’s compositions refreshingly appeal to a wide audience.


Scott is an up-and-coming keyboardist and composer from Chicago who is making waves in the contemporary jazz scene. Scott’s debut CD, “Generations”, (featuring celebrated sax man Darren Rahn!) was released in December, 2011 and has receiving wide-reaching praise and acclaim. His first ever single, "Flurry", ranked #63 on the Top 100 jazz chart for 2012!


Generations, 2011 (LP)
Untold Stories, 2011 (EP)
"Flurry", Single, 2011; national radio and streaming airplay