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Scott & Brendo

Provo, Utah, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Provo, Utah, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Pop Hip Hop





The Most Delightful Dancing Stormtroopers You’ll Ever See
Being one of the stormtroopers from Star Wars is hard work: all you do is run around and get shot at. But thanks to hip-hop artists Scott & Brendo, they get a much-needed twerk break. -


YouTuber ScottDW has created the ultimate Harry Potter and Twilight mashup, an epic dance battle between all of your favorite characters from the two popular franchises. Scott and his partner Brenden (Scott & Brendo) even wrote the song! I know..right? Check out the video to see which team wins this incredible dance battle. TEAM POTTER ALL THE WAY!! -


It’s not often that I give an album a perfect 5/5. For that to happen, I need to enjoy just about every track, with just one exception for a song I don’t like as much. That being said, And Away We Go by Scott & Brendo was an easy 5. I really really really really really enjoyed listening to it.
I’ll start with a little history. Scott & Brendo first gained fame when they were used in one of devinsupertramp’s Youtube videos (where various people on camera do backflips off mountains or whatever and make you feel like you don’t have a life). Since, they’ve slowly built up a loyal following. That eventually led to the duo releasing the album in 2010 and me reviewing it three years later.

Their most popular song is Kitten Air, a jam about flying cats and believing in your dreams. The rap portion (performed by Scott Winn) flows very tidily and sounds great. Piano is used liberally and extraordinarily throughout, with a touch of dubstep intertwined before the simple yet awesome chorus. In fact most the the tracks on the record have that same feel, electronic sounds mixed with acoustic guitars, pianos, and violins. It’s a milky formula that sounds fantastic. I found it hard to not tap my foot or nod my head to literally every song.

Another track I enjoyed is Avenue. It starts the same way as Kitten Air, a really simple and moderately paced piano before electronic sounds begin to infuse their way into the mix. This creates a very cheery sound that is best suited for sunshine-filled days (or making a rainy day feel like a sunny day). Again the rap is tight and well thought out, and the chorus really drives home that fresh feeling.

I can only think of one semi-negative about this album. Every single song has the same feel really. They’re all super cheery, rap-filled affairs with an easy going chorus. This wasn’t a negative at all for me, in fact I quite liked the fact that every song was positive. But that alone might turn some people (mostly those who hate happiness and fun) off.

Let me conclude with this: I feel like I could, at any time, select And Away We Go, hit play and like what I listen to. It’s an accessible album through and through, unlike other albums that you have to be in a certain mood to enjoy. Trust me, don’t pass up on this one. And Away We Go is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. -


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Scott & Brendo consists of Scott Winn and Brenden Bytheway, both residing in Provo, Utah. 

Meeting in college about four years ago, they we became fast friends because of our similar interests in film, music, comedy, and hair styles. "Both of us loved to write and record music in our spare time and we thought it would be perfect to collaborate" says Scott. "I have always loved the idea of mixing acoustic guitar with hip hop/pop elements, so it was really just another experiment" he continues. 

Aside from both of them writing their music, they also play every instrument on their recordings. Brenden focuses more energy on producing & mixing, and Scott writes lyrics & performs the raps. 

Although they've only been a band for less than two years, they have already amassed over 100 million views on youtube. This young band continues to write & release a steady flow of new content and is quickly growing their audience worldwide.

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