Gainesville, Florida, USA

Just released our newest CD "Another Roller Coaster" with legendary producer and engineer Bruce Swedien and Ramsees Mechan

Winner of South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting competition, 2013, Finalist, Susquehanna Songwriting Competition, '09 Finalist, Kerrville Newfolk Folk Finalists, '04, and '07


Finalist, Susquehanna Songwriting Competition, '09 FINALISTS KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL'S, NEWFOLK '04 and '07!!!
CD, Thinking Out Loud, #12 on Folk DJ list

The fresh and soulful sounds of Scott and Michelle's voices, combined with their high energy performance, memorable and meaningful songwriting, and instrumental finness, put them in a category all their own. Acoustic Rock or Folk genres could very well hold them but not completely. They dip down into R&B, Jazz, roots, and Blues showing the versatility of this duo. Since their Kerrville Folk Festival and South West Regional Folk Alliance Debut's in 2004, they are gaining recognition and respect from not only audiences, but from venue owners and established artists alike:

2011 "Scott and Michelle's Music makes me smile and Michelle has one of the best voices I have ever recorded." - Bruce Swedien

2007 "Dynamic performers with a lot of heart" - Ruthie Foster

2005 "Scott and Michelle opened for me and I was knocked out by their great songs, singing, and playing. They were great!" - Michael Smith,

2004 "Michelle and Scott - What a breath of fresh air, passionate, intelligent lyrics with just enough mystery making their music unique and appealing. This is a duo going places." Rachel Bissex award winning songwriter