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Scott Barnes

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States
Band Pop Rock


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"Scott Barnes"

Barnes sounds young, is what it comes down to, and these days that's a rare commodity; an assembly-line aesthetic has become prevalent, frenzy's become orchestrated and precise. But Barnes doesn't just sing as much as sing to you specifically. It's at those times when his musical has a very one-on-one feel (as opposed to most rock shows which feel as if they're being witnessed from behind glass) that you can recognize the sort of puckish charm that draws your gaze inexplicably Scott Barnes. - CNC Music Productions, Boston

"Scott Barnes to Play Bandshell"

Touted and often compared to Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Tom Waits, Scott Barnes and his band will perform Friday evening, August 29, 2003 at the Lake Lansing Community Band Shell in Haslett. Their performance will begin at 7 p.m. and is free of charge.
Barnes, a seventeen year old singer/songwriter from East Lansing, launched his musical career in 1999 after attending a Dave Matthews Concert. “It was then that I knew I wanted to be a song writer and musician,” he says.
He recorded his first album, titled “What Lies Ahead,” last summer and is presently working on another. Based on audience response, “Unclear Visions” has become Barnes’ most popular song.
In addition to Barnes on the guitar, his group includes bassist Randy Carlson and drummer Shawn Farzam.
A tireless artist and promoter, Barnes and his group have developed an impressive fan-base among area high school and college students. He attributes their enthusiastic acceptance to his band’s unique and energetic performances.
The group is presently scheduling performances throughout Michigan and the Midwest. “It’s really exciting to watch our fan-base grow,” says Barnes. If the receptive crowds his group consistently draws are indicative of his ever-growing career in music, we’ll be seeing, and hearing, much more from Barnes and company in the years to come.
For additional information about the group, visit their web site at
- The Towne Courier

"Alum writes music inspired by East Lansing bar scene"

By David Barker

It’s been a couple of years since Scott Barnes has been a regular at the East Lansing bars, but the 2007 MSU graduate hasn’t forgotten his college nights just yet.

With the upcoming release of Barnes’ first EP, “Fire & Revolution,” in January 2010, the 23-year-old East Lansing native hopes to influence a wider range of fans with his songs.

Barnes, who currently resides in the Washington, D.C., area, already has released one track, “Bartender Make Me A Memory.” The song, an acoustic ode to college nightlife, features his folk/pop style and is a snapshot of what he referred to as “the best times in your life.”

The State News spoke with Barnes about his influences, inspirations and life after college.

The State News Where did you get the inspiration for the title “Fire & Revolution?”

Scott Barnes Usually my projects have been named after a line in a song I was writing or the song title itself. But this whole concept started with the EP; it was the first time I had the project name first. A lot of people think it’s strange when they hear the title, but to me ‘Fire & Revolution’ is about a new day to take a chance or a new day for someone to take a chance on you.

SN Why did you decide to record this EP?

SB As I got older and out in the real world working a real job, someone asked me what I wanted to be doing. For me, it’s music, it consumes my mind.

SN Do you like playing with a band or alone?

SB It’s fun playing onstage with other guys, sharing the experience. There’s a lot you can do with a band. On the other hand, I like playing onstage by myself. I can totally change a song right on the fly. Right now I would say I like the solo side of things more.

SN Who are your influences for musical sound?

SB Going back to Paul Simon, Elvis working up to current guys like John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Howie Day. My musical side is focused on those kind of guitar players … and their kind of style.

SN What inspired “Bartender Make Me a Memory?”

SB “Bartender Make Me a Memory” is a song that everybody who goes to college, especially MSU, can relate to. It’s one of those songs where it’s five years out of college and you think “Hey, I miss those days, I miss those weeknights when there was nothing holding us back.” We went and did what we wanted. We made stupid decisions but we worked through it. I don’t know how, but we worked through it. You look back on it and realize those are the best times in your life. Times may be good now, but you can never go back to college. The whole time I thought about good times with my friends and parties at the bar and the song just came out.

SN Favorite East Lansing venue?

SB Mac’s Bar was always a fun place to play. They had a great sound system. The Landshark was a good time too. I had a fun time playing there. A year ago, I opened for a guy named Teddy Geiger at Mac’s Bar and that one was sold out before I had even got there. Hundreds of people were outside waiting to get in. That definitely stands
out. Any venue where the place is packed before you even get onstage is a good one. I’ve had a few shows like that in D.C. and a few years ago in New York, but the Teddy Geiger show was the highlight.

SN What are you hobbies? What do you do for fun?

SB Get back to East Lansing as much as possible. Get back for football games. With an actual full-time career and recording this EP, really most of my time is focused on music. With the exception of college football, it’s all music, all the time. - The State News


FIRE & REVOLUTION - January, 2010
DREAM EP - September, 2006
VOYAGE EP - October, 2004
ONLY GOING FORWARD - October, 2003



Sometimes you wonder if he’s paying attention. His mind often appears to be in a completely different place, escaping the here and now. That’s because 24 year-old Scott Barnes has his eyes on the horizon, his heart set on one consistent thing: playing music for a living. With each passing show, each new song written, and now release of the Fire & Revolution EP, Barnes is inching towards his goal. But the unassuming political science grad is quick to point out there’s a long way to go. “I’m the first to admit it’s a dream. But what fun would it be going through life without holding onto a dream?”

The dream began when he was 13 and attended a Dave Matthews Band concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan, an hour from his native East Lansing. He became hooked, not just on the group, but on live music. “Seeing that show, I remember thinking, ‘Wow. These guys do this for a living.’ And seeing the crowd, feeling the energy…it was truly life-changing.”

That first experience ignited his passion for the stage. “I can spend months working on one song, a year working on an EP that I love, but nothing compares to picking up my guitar, stomping on a few foot pedals and putting on a good show for a receptive crowd.” Reviews have described his shows as “unique,” “energetic,” and “soulful.” According to others he displays “talent” and “ingenuity,” with a endearing stage presence and a commanding voice. He uses his array of foot pedals for live sampling and looping, sometimes creating the sound of an entire band from bass lines to percussion, and even doing his own backing vocals. But Barnes is careful to not rely on the pedals or overuse them. “They certainly make it more entertaining for not just the crowd, but for me…but I’m also a fan of keeping it simple and all about the song. I can loop ten guitar parts and make my vocals play back in reverse, but are the people in the audience connecting with the song?” Still, he sometimes can’t resist the urge. “But then you say, ‘Screw connecting, this is gonna sound pretty damn cool.’” Whether he keeps it simple or improvises a ten-minute outro, fans of all genres of music are consistently drawn to his performances.

The passion and energy Barnes brings to the stage on a nightly basis are finally captured in his latest project, Fire & Revolution. Beginning with “Fuse,” an intro track with haunting strings and wailing, pleading vocals, with the energetic pop college party-inspired hit “Bartender Make Me a Memory,” and closing with the soulful ballad “Mess,” the EP is a true representation of Barnes’ variety. When asked about the meaning of the EP title, he states, “Fire and revolution is a new day…a new day to take a chance and a new day for someone to take a chance on you.”

He has performed throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, gaining fans at every stop along the way. He has headlined venues in Detroit, East Lansing, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. He has had the fortune of sharing the stage with Teddy Geiger (Columbia Records), Tally Hall (Atlantic Records), and Kate Voegele (MySpace Records).

He has been compared to Bruce Springsteen, The Wallflowers, John Mayer, and O.A.R.; his voice has been described as Dave Matthews meets Peter Gabriel. Yet when asked how you would describe his style of music, the most common answer is, “I’d have to think about that.”
And that’s how Barnes likes it. “You’ll hear one song and think it’s pop rock. But you’ll hear another and get a blues or folk feel. Why limit myself?"

Barnes will continue evolving, working on a dream and taking chances each day. Because he believes, in himself, his music, and those who hear it. "As long as I've got this fire, I'm going to play for anyone, anywhere."

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