Scott Bradoka

Scott Bradoka

 Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, USA

“In the spirit of guitar masters like Beck, Morse, and Howe, Create Your Own Reality is a near perfect sounding and thoroughly inventive guitar instrumental album.” Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar magazine



"Following his releasing some of the great electric guitar fusion albums of the 2000’s, Scott Bradoka hasn't been resting on his laurels. Having toured Europe with the Jeff Beck Group in the middle of the decade, Bradoka now puts his recording career into perspective with the 2009 triple disc release of Everything. Featuring 34 tracks spread over 2 CDs, Everything encapsulates the best of Bradoka’s recorded output over the past fourteen years, including studio tracks produced by guitar giants like Eric Bazilian and Carl Verheyen. The CD's also include four new studio tracks, 2 live tracks and a pair of hip-hop remixes. Many of the tracks have been remixed and remastered especially for this package. Accompanying the 2 CDs is a five track DVD featuring bonus footage of Bradoka in his studio demonstrating some of his guitars. Tying it all together at the same time, Bradoka has also released a coffee table style hard cover book, entitled My Collection showing over 100 guitars from his vast collection. Commenting on his book, Scott adds, ‘I have been on a 25+ year adventure of searching out guitars. I not only collect, but I also play.’ Looking back, fans can enjoy Everything until Bradoka returns with his next, long awaited CD of all new music." - Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express

"best live guitar fusion album of 2003!" -Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar

"Scott Bradoka's guitar is as true a voice as any in contemporary music... and more believable than most." -Eric Bazilian, Grammy nominated songwriter, The Hooters, Joan Osborne, Ricky Martin

"Scott Bradoka is an extremely sensitive guitarist, displaying a keen touch to go with a rich, bluesy tone and impeccable phrasing and timing. I look forward to hearing more from him." -Alan Paul, Guitar World

"Guitarist Scott Bradoka won over lots of guitar fans with his first three solo albums including two sets produced by guitar great Carl Verheyen. On his latest album, Create Your Own Reality, Bradoka is joined by the gifted producer and multi-instrumentalist Eric Bazilian and the result is Bradoka's most accomplished and melodic album yet. Kicking off an atmospheric fusion jaunt entitled "X2000," Create Your Own Reality proceeds with an impressive range of modern, high-tech guitar instrumental terrain even including a rockin', jazzy instrumental of Brian Wilson's classic Beach Boys melody "California Girls." Trading off hot guitar licks and sharing compositional credits on a number of tracks here, Bradoka and Bazilian receive like-minded support from drummer Scott Williams and there is even an appearance from guitarist Jeff Golub. In the spirit of guitar masters like Beck, Morse, and Howe, Create Your Own Reality is a near perfect sounding and thoroughly inventive guitar instrumental album." -Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar magazine

"Scott Bradoka's brilliant third release, Pulse, puts him right along side some of his heroes and contemporaries like Jeff Golub, Carl Verheyen, Craig Chaquico, Steve Lukather, and Richard Smith as one of the leaders in the contemporary guitar field...this recording is full of catchy melodies, tight funky rhythm parts, impeccable tone, interesting and focused compositions and solos, and some tight ensemble work from the supporting musicians. With an additional twist, the fun factor, which is something that is lacking on many instrumental recordings.

"Overall, this disc is a very excellent recording from one of the freshest voices on the modern guitar scene and it certainly says that as a guitarist and solo artist Bradoka has plenty to offer the world of music, and hopefully more to offer in the future." -Darin Scott, Tune-Up Magazine

"Though Bradoka is in complete control of his instrument, playing with a smooth mastery, he rarely hits the listener over the head with his prowess. Instead, he fits his guitar into a set of well-arranged instrumentals, often tra


WithoutWords (CD 1994)
Swamp Party (CD 1997)
Pulse (CD 2000)
Create Your Own Reality (CD 2003)
Live & Loose (CD 2004)
All You Want From Me (CD 2008)
Everything (2CD/DVD 2009)
My Collection (book 2009)
dubiousWISDOM (EP 2012)
Never Been Cool (CD 2013)

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