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Scott Danger Bravo

Syracuse, New York, United States | INDIE

Syracuse, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Jazz Acoustic




"Scott Danger Bravo at UMAF"

Scott “Danger” Bravo from Syracuse, NY would like you to think he is “a drunk that plays a little guitar,” but I am here to tell you that the talent is no joke. This will be his third consecutive year with the UMAF and it caught his attention as a good way to dive into the CNY music scene. He’s been through the area a few times at venues in the Mohawk Valley in the meanwhile, gathering steam. I’m confident that anyone who catches one of his performances will walk away impressed.
Some extremely beautiful acoustic guitar pours out of the soul and fingers of Scott Bravo. He ranges from classical to jazz to funk to rock and frankly reminds me of Lindsay Buckingham’s style a good bit of the time, so there is some bluegrass in there also. He is an artist creating, weaving textiles of sound, layer upon layer. The instrumental songs he crafts are so interesting to the ear that the lack of a vocal is entirely inconsequential. It would probably ruin it, and that’s a crazy thing to hear a singer tell you. This music will free your mind and send it dancing.

Things that keep him coming back? “The booze. Great bars and great local beer…[the] Saranac Brewery, the Nail Creek Pub, and Hotel Utica are always fun.” And the fans and friends he has made aren’t bad. “NY’ers are generally friendly.” A favorite memory from last year for Scott is “getting plowed with other musicians at Saranac Brewery.” We can’t have him imbibing alone, now can we?

Ironically, his next show is at The Tramontane Cafe, which is a fantastic venue that serves not a drop of alcohol. This will be a great show, and I highly encourage you to check both it and The Tram out. Go to that place hungry, people. The food!

- Melissa Walker

"Scott "Danger" Bravo"

"Ny Smile" the latest release as a solo artist by Scott Bravo is an experiment in musical pleasure, both for those who are a fan of classical,blues/folk-like licks, and for fans of rock who love to hear harmonic music played fast, tight, and splendidly. ...Each song on the cd has a story. One track "Stabby with the cabbie" chronicles his life life as a taxi driver in Newport News VA, while others, such as "Praying to St. Paul" pay homage to his time spent in Minnesota. Bravo's playing style is ultra fast, and listening to NY Smile is like listening to a Spanish Flamenco concert-just as haunting, just as beautiful, just as impressive however with more freedom from tradition, and more personal expression. For those who LOVE melodic, acoustic music don't hesitate to pick up a copy of NY Smile." - Utica Phoenix-Mark Ziobro

"NY Smile"

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Events Calendar
20DAMDOG. May 14. 9pm. . 8 W Second St., Oswego
Still Kickin'. May 14. 8:00P.M.-12:00A.M.. 'STILL KICKIN' playing variety music for your listening and dancing pleasure -- Saturday, May 14, 8 p.m. - 12:00 A.M.. Moran Post Rd. Camden NY
Headin' South. May 14. 9:30 P.M. - 1:30 A.M.. Headin' South will be cranking out the Modern Country/Country Rock Hit Tunes at The Amber Inn, while Rich and his staff, supply some tasty food and drink. Please join us for an evening dancing and partying on May 14th. at The Amber Inn, hope to see you there.. 2424 Otisco Valley Road, Marietta
DJ Skeet. May 14. 10pm Saturday. DJ Skeet playing all the best top 40's,dance and hiphop. 402 Old Liverpool Rd SEARCH

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NY Smile
Jazz at Suds, Showcase at Fusion, May 11
Jess Novak Wednesday went from jazz to jams when I visited the downtown Syracuse Suds Factory for the JT Hall Jazz Consort followed by Fusion, for their weekly Phantom Acoustic Showcase.

The shows made for a nice contrast – sunny, Suds was filled up with the jazz group’s disciplined sound, each musician clearly experienced on their instrument and how to share the space as each took a turn at a solo. Though Hall admitted some of the songs were being performed for the first time and the initial hesitations that come with that were clear, the band recovered beautifully from any falter, showing their seasoned professionalism. It was refreshing to see such a talented group out downtown on a Wednesday night. It was disappointing to hear they don’t play out much. Jazz venues that book regularly in town are hard to come by and it’s unfortunate considering the available talent. Listen up:

On the flip-side – Fusion’s dark, club-like atmosphere brought all types of musicians to the stage, ranging in age and attitude from soft acoustic guitars to metal vocal bellows. Fusion’s idea to provide an open forum for musicians to come experiment with short, casual sets is brilliant and gives everyone there the opportunity to see, learn, talk, experiment and network with other musicians, sound engineers, bookers, studio professionals, fans and others locally active in the industry. The fact that the event is weekly and ever-changing, always bringing new, fresh talent to the stage is engaging to listen to and stimulating for musicians searching for places to try out new material or meet others to work with.

A few favorites on tape include South Bay – an up-tempo group lead by two brothers that feature electric violin on some tunes and a killer Cee Lo Green impression on others. Though the band boasts it’s electric material, the acoustic set might be just as fun.

Scott Bravo, who came to the stage in a “NY <3’s ME” t-shirt and with dyed pitch-black, eye-hiding hair, had me confused. I was unsure what to expect from his mixed appearance. But when he unleashed his fast fingers up, down and across the neck of his guitar, playing both sentimental and fast-paced, celtic-themed tunes, the talent was apparent.
- New Times-Jess Novak


"Stories of My Life" 2005
"I Wont Say a Word" 2006
"Bemusement Park" 2008
"New York Smile" 2010



Scott Danger Bravo was born and raised in a working class area around Syracuse NY. At 15 he decided he wanted to be a rockstar and began joining garage band after garage band. Finding little success he moved to Minneapolis in 2000 and joined seminal hard core band, Collapse. After kicking around in the metal scene for a few years he happened on a Tommy Emmanuel record and, his life immediately changed. After selling all of his electric gear he went acoustic in 2005 and hasnt looked back. Since that time Scott has toured the country many times, won many local music awards and played hundreds of shows. Some of the highlights include opening for Boston, touring with Julia Othmer, opening for the influential Hammel On Trial befriending his hero, Tommy Emmanuel and being the first instrumental guitarist to perform at the legendary Lost Horizon.Scott's music is a passionate affair combining elements of flamenco, jazz, rock and a celtic flair. His songs vary from fretboard burning fusion jazz to soft, delicate fingerpicked passages. Scott is currently taking some time off from performing to write and record his 5th all instrumental album.