scott brown

scott brown


rock/ folk music


My band consists of a collection of friends playing around with songs I've penned and music I've written...Influences are wide and vast, but I do have a soft spot for 70's pop,Soul and a true love affair with folk music.
I'm from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia,Canada and have been playing music for fifteen years. I started playing bass in different acts such as Sunfish,Rasa,Rock Ranger but couldn't suppress the
urge to get my own songs recorded. There you go...hope you get somethin' from them.


History's Walls

Written By: scott brown

whats left for you?
how much and who gave you all that right to choose?
And who helped you through a dying end?
we tripped through time and space
again and again...

So whats gone is gone
and gone is good...
tearing down the wall that a history
built for us

You testified yourself
into the sun
as if you think you are a chosen one


Written By: scott brown

my baby's got a toothache,toothache,toothache
my baby's got a toothache,so i feel
it too
summers almost over and there's
nothin' yet decided,
but unaquanted,
lovers looking awkward in the night...

so come on with the jokes now honey
'cause i think they're funny
years are going by like
we never seen before
keep the taste of milk and honey
and the good times rollin'
birds are flyin' south now'
the days are getting short were locked in a fight
that you couldn't win...coulda',shoulda',
been more time for you and
more time for me
While i...i was choking on the myths
and the unbeliefs,stories thick as thieves, the stuff people read
somehow it blows my mind

So after all is said and done
and winters' hold gets lazy
i search the peaks and valleys
for a sign of her return
regardless of my trying ways
the frozen tears have fallin'
birds are flying home now,
the days are getting long

Only if...

Written By: scott brown

Mercy on you
mercy on me...
I've picked the pockets of my own misery
the tears start falling
theres no long good byes'
minuets,sadly sounding
a breath before dying
and to kill'em both
without knowing
would be a sad line crossed

Mercy on them
mercy on me...
I'm stuck in lives
unwanted historys
and the fists start flying
there's no kindess here...
badly wounded,heavy winded
goes a sad heart lost
to live this chase, you got to fall
and then decide...

The dirt you taste
will last forever,thats for sure
you love,you learn to hate
then your off to war


Three season's fire (Release 2008/ album)