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Scott Bynoe

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My style has been called flamenco, latin, jazz, etc. Generally I think I have a latin/flamenco sound. I have yet to meet anyone my age or younger doing this type of music seriously. I'd like to think of myself as a fresh face to this genre for the current and future generations of flamenco fans.


Playing guitar for over 10 years, playing the cello for more than 5 years, owning his own guitar buying and selling business where he went through over 50 vintage guitars, co-producing two independent albums with his past band, co-producing a full featured DVD with that same band, starting his own independent record label, and recording, mixing, and producing his debut solo flamenco guitar album (all while attending McMaster University to complete a double major in Honours Mass Communication and Multimedia) - these are just a few of the things that keep Scott Bynoe busy.

Scott Bynoe began playing guitar at a very young age. He grew up with an appreciation and love for music of all sorts. As an adolescent Scott competed in numerous guitar competitions across North America. The act of performing was something that quickly interested and intrigued Scott as a young guitar player.

Every step Scott has taken in his life since picking up the guitar has been to pursue his dream and life goal - to be able to make music that evokes an emotional response (within himself and those that listen). His clean and honest approach to guitar playing is something that cannot be ignored when listening to his music.

Inspired by the skill of guitarists such as Dimebag Darrell, James Hetfield, and Tony Iommi and the style of Jesse Cook, Pavlo, and Robert Michaels, Scott's latest project has been his debut solo flamenco album, 'Lipstick On A Pig.'

Scott recorded, mixed, and produced the album in his modest home studio. He performed all guitars, percussion, and some bass. Rob Gates (bass player in Scott's previous band) provided bass on a few songs while Brendan Seale (singer/guitarist in previous band) provided steel pan, cuatro, and vocals on a song called 'Cook The Sparrow' (flamenco and calypso fusion inspired by Jesse Cook and The Mighty Sparrow).

Scott has already made a name for himself within online communities such as MySpace and PureVolume. On MySpace alone, he has generated interested from thousands of people worldwide, gaining over 5000 song plays from the site in just a few short months. All of this came before he even released his first album.


Debut Release, NOW AVAILABLE!
"Lipstick On A Pig"

Song List:

Cante Jondo
October Sunrise
Cook The Sparrow
Black Tooth Grin
One Bird With Many Stones
The Devil Is In The Details
Butterfly Effect
November Sunset