Scott Carson

Scott Carson


Scott Carson is Americana Soul. Solid mix of original songs and covers, Scott works in everything from classic rock, folk, blues, 90s and solid country gold.


Scott Carson began playing guitar when he was 8. He had always played around with original melodies and lyrics, but did not begin writing them down or focusing on the songwriting process until he hit his 20s. When he was 16, he got to see CatDaddy play at the old Brass Rail in Enid, OK – it was that moment that he understood the power of live music. In college, Scott played in a few bands and had opportunities to play across Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Even then, singing had not been his focus and it was not until recently that he really embraced it.

Carson has evolved into a musician whose live show is just as important as the songs he writes and plays. This emerging singer/songwriter delivers so much sound and audience interaction, you can’t help but leave wanting more. Firmly rooted in a variety of American music styles, including the blues, folk, country, and rock, Scott’s genuine sincerity and passion shine through as he invites the listeners into his world. There is no doubt that Scott Carson has created an original and unique sound all his own.

Currently, Scott is working on completing an original album. He has been instrumental in developing Enid’s live music scene by co-founding Third Thursday Live Music at the Turpin Theatre and supporting live music festivals and benefits in NWOK. Scott is married to Cara Carson and they live in Garber, OK.