Scott Claassen

Scott Claassen


Folk/Americana with strings


The unique quality of this band is the juxtaposition of traditional Americana sounds with classically trained violin and cello players. Far from a cross-genre circus act, this group also has a firm foundation in the lyrics and music of Scott's writing.

Scott Claassen has lived and played music all over the states and in other parts of the world. In the process, he has shared the stage with artists ranging from Willie Nelson to Nellie and had his songs covered by an equally wide range of artists.

The current band has its roots in a Nashville ensemble called Henry Adkins. After meeting together to record "Monterey," they decided to continue their musical collaboration.

Apart from his solo work, Scott also plays keyboards for the Broken West (Merge Records).


Monterey-- LP 2005

Set List

Kelso dunes
Blowing off steam
Beside them all
Music for a found harmonium-->
My life as a stranger
Athena from far
Take me over