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"Warm Strumming..."

The world would be a darker place without singer-songwriter's like Scott Cooper. Cooper plays and sings unpretentious pop of the most likable kind -

"Tunevault Review"

This album has the power to affect you. There's something so good and sincere underneath it all that you'll be overwhelmed by its charms. -

"Tiny Increments..."

...the most gorgeous single piece of recorded work I've heard this year...a highly satisfying hour of romance and goosebumps. - Andy Frank - CIUT FM


Tiny Increments (LP-CD 2007)
Popfizz - (LP-CD 2004)
*strumming* (LP-CD 2002)



Over time, anything can add up to an overwhelming amount. Pennies in a jug. Boxes of photos. Memories. Friends. Regret. You just don't normally realize the significance of the small things, until their sheer weight adds up enough to smack you upside the head and heart one random Sunday morning. Scott Cooper writes and plays laid back-to-basics folky pop music that's firmly rooted in a love and appreciation of life's tiniest and oft-missed details. As the adage goes, "...take care of the small details, the big ones will take care of themselves."

"Tiny Increments" is Cooper's third full-length record (debut "Strumming" 2002, "Popfizz" 2004), and his first with an outside producer (national touring artist/friend Rob Szabo). Wisely a band was assembled from friends and respected local musicians, well-known and admired for their ego-less "song-first" approach to music. Adam Warner (Justin Rutledge, Golden Dogs), Alex McMaster (A Northern Chorus), Dean Drouillard (Howie Beck, Matthew Barber), Bryden Baird (Feist, Hayden), Caroline Brooks (Brooks Sisters, Good Lovelies), Christine Bougie (Amy Millan, Valery Gore), Steve Strongman (Steve Strongman Band, Tal Bachman), and of course, producer Rob Szabo. The album was mixed by Cooper, Szabo, and Michael Chambers (Golden Dogs, Showroom), and lovingly mastered by J.J. Golden (Calexico/Richard Buckner) in sunny Ventura, CA.

"Tiny Increments" features 11 catchy, sun-kissed tunes, with once accessible surfaces worn raw by bare-bones accompaniment and a rugged alt-country twang. The songs are honest and direct, featuring the kind of arrangements and lyrical concepts you could write on the back of matchbooks. Patience and repeat listens, however, reveal an unexpected depth and delightful melancholic sentiment. "Tiny Increments" balances itself on the head of a pin, teetering between heartache and hope, leaving you to wonder which direction it will all topple.

The answer of course, is always hope.