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I Got My Own

Written By: Scott F. Burrows

Don't put your god on me
I got my own
Don't tell me what he means
You don't know
I don't need anybody telling me
How to believe
I don't take well to preachers
Or Pharisees

God bless this child come man
I got my own
God Bless what you believe
Who really knows?
You won't find me trying to tell you
How to conceive
I don't know where you been
Or what you need.

Faith without works is dead
And you don't know what's in my head
And I don't know what's in you heart
I only know what you have
Said (and said and said...)

Don't put your guilt on me
I got my own
Don't tell me what it's for
It comes and goes
It could be from somebody's unmet need
For some thoughtless act or Angry scene.

I don't know what's in your heart
That's one thing I wish you'd say

God bless what you believe
But don't put your God on me,
I got my own.