Scott Fruhan

Scott Fruhan


Appealing harmonic structure and lyric originality that invite either background listening or close scrutiny. Fruhan's songwriting is immediately engaging, and his vocal talent is formidable.


Although Fruhan is arguably influenced by David Wilcox, Bruce Springsteen, and James Taylor, listeners will find trivial comparisons ultimately unsatisfying. Fruhan's narrative lyricism reveals an underlying complexity that does not require exploration, but that yields untold rewards if explored. Each song unfurls a specific story, and leaves the listener musically satisfied yet wondering if there is still more to discover on future listenings.


Falling Softly

Written By: Scott Fruhan

The street is warm and wet
The night is cool and dark is falling
Arms alongside my head
I hear the voices calling, calling
A figure stands like stone
I can tell it's her by the sloping shoulders
The rubber smell below
Hits me, makes my breath turn over

I think I'll hold her hand
My arms must be strapped beside me
I think I'll hold her hand

I could tell what she said
Just felt cold on my face
I'll quit while I'm still ahead
Now she's falling softly
She's running by the side of the road
She's falling softly to my place

The pillow's warm and wet
The air is thick and the walls are spinning
I think of all I've said
I'm too caught up in who's been winning
My feet hit the floor
Walk outside and the night is freezing
I've been this way before
No one ever said bleeding was easy

I think I'll hold her now
My arms are still strapped beside me
I think I'll hold her now

I'm drifting out of my head
Still cold on my face
I won't be done 'til I'm dead
She's falling softly
She's running by the side of the road
She's falling softly to my place
Falling to my place

Will's Song

Written By: Scott Fruhan

Don't stare straight at the sun
Just follow me home like a brother
I'm not the only one trying to get you to roll over

Your sneakers made it through
A linen sheet of pale blue
On a bed of wheels
I've seen this stretch of road
In the leaves and in the snow
But not you, not here

Don't stare...

Momma please don't cry for him
He has no fear unless we do
Momma please don't cry for us
It isn't your blood; it isn't mine

Don't stare...

My whole life I've been a fool
In the slow-burning afternoon
Not an hour earned
In the loneliness of time
I'll be sitting drinking my wine
To you, conqueror

Don't stare...

Close your eyes, just close your eyes

Set List

Original setlist:

Yellow Shoes
Falling Softly
Will's Song
My Advice
If I Would Go With You
I Know What You're Looking For
Jim Carroll Song


Jacksonville Skyline; Chicago; Sylvia Plath (Ryan Adams)

You Can Close Your Eyes; Wanderer (James Taylor)

Used Cars; Nebraska; Nothing Man (Bruce Springsteen)

Tom Joad part I (Woody Guthrie)

Typical Setlist: 10-12 songs, 45 minutes