Scott Fullbright

Scott Fullbright


Music, for me, is about ushering yourself and others into the presence of God. It's about playing to an audience and hoping to reach just one person, and it's about worshiping "ONE" and hoping to reach the audience.


Music has been a part of me all of my life. From singing in choir in grade school, to operating a music store, playing in a regional Texas band for 13yrs, to being a field representative and clinician for Takamine and Ovation guitars.

It has only been in recent years that I have taken interest in Contemporary Christian music. One of my favorite groups is Phillips, Craig & Dean. They are my biggest influence in harmonies and style, but honestly, anything that causes the Spirit to stir in me becomes an instant favorite and influence.

It seems to me that there are so many people searching for something to hold on to in their lives, something that gives them fulfillment. I believe that music is a very powerful tool of the Holy Spirit, and that it can stir your soul when nothing else can. After all, music is an international language. Rythms and melodies can touch your heart in any dialect.

My music is typically about searching and redemption. I'm constantly learning about myself and my life through incidences I like to call "Gods little humbling moments". It's through these daily experiences that I write my songs. And if I can only reach one person in my life, and turn their eyes to Christ, then all those "humbling moments" will have been worth it.


Faith, Hope & Harmony - Duet CD w/ Sue Sommer
Mercy CD - 2004
The Switch is On CD - 2006