Scott Geier

Scott Geier

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Sounds like the Son of the Son of Schmilsson. If that makes sense to you, you'll like my music. If not, you probably think I'm some music snob asshole. Wait, I don't even know you. I shouldn't assume you're the judgmental type.


I was just your average private investigator, spending my free time writing novels, short stories, and screenplays. Then on Christmas morning 2005, Santa left a keyboard under the tree. I started tinkering on the keys. A lot. I started putting some of my short story ideas to music. I started playing small gigs in Austin, TX, then I moved to Charleston, SC.


Meant to Be

Written By: Scott Geier

Go ahead, take the pots and the pans
I guess you’re gonna need them
Cooking dinner for another man

Or maybe you’ll end up with someone
Who can take you out to dinner
With the bread that he’s won
From his respectable job
As an orthopedic surgeon
Or a corporate attorney
For Charles Schwab
And he’ll be ready to plant his seed
Have two and a half children
And give them what they need
Like influenza shots
And designer jeans

Everywhere I see
Stupid kids who laugh and think that
Love is free
They still believe that
Kisses and coincidence
Are all it takes to be
Meant to be

I’m not surprised
That you’re leaving again
I guess you gotta walk out
When your lover won’t let you in

When you leave
Take the decorative clocks
Put them in a box called
‘Crap That We Bought
That We Didn’t Really Want’
But when you gotta fill a day
It’s either hit the Crate and Barrel
Or the bottle again

Surrounded by lovers
Mothers and friends
And domestic partners helping them all shop for bookends
And then

Somewhere in aisle three
I see the freckled girl
Who stopped the world
When she smiled at me
And if she looks deep
Behind the lies and blood-shot eyes
There’s still a chance she’ll see
The stupid kid in me

Now we run around like forgotten clowns
Who smile while they scream
That the boulevard of broken dreams
Was paved by you and me

Someday you’ll find someone
Who will want you for what you need
Love and attention
And dishes and pensions
And mentions of God when you sneeze

Don’t look back at me when you go
Don’t mind me while I bleed
Don’t give me a chance to wonder if
The end of you and me
Was really meant to be

It's Good to be Young and Lonely

Written By: Scott Geier

It’s good to be young and lonely
It’s good to be loved and hungry
So when you go half-crazy
You’ll know how the other half lives

There aren’t any winners
Without any losers
No one’s a genius
If no one’s a fool

And if everyone was pretty
We’d all be quite plain
If no one was crazy
We wouldn’t know if we’re sane
And so:


Nobody could be happy
If all there was was happy
Happy can't be happy on its own
The troubles and the tears
Are the bubbles in the beer
And you can't see the water
When the water is clear
And so:


Now, a lot of folks will tell you
That you’re on the wrong side
And for three easy payments
You can get a better life

But don’t waste your time
On fixing the blame
‘Cause we’ll all have the same score
At the end of the game
And so:


So remind the man
Who’s laughing last
That all who fail
Someday will pass
And it’s hard to be
When you’re not meant to be

Act of Will

Written By: Scott Geier

I was getting ready to go to dinner
Putting makeup on my face
Standing half-naked by the TV set
Hoping he’d look my way

Then his eyes finally landed on me
When he got up to get a beer
He glanced at my reflection
Like it was taking up his mirror

Then he told me that desire
Is not an act of will
It’s not a drink we pour ourselves
It’s water that we spill

So it’s not his fault that he didn’t love me
It’s not something he could plan
‘Cause Cupid is just a baby
With a weapon in his hand

Later on that evening
Putting makeup back on my face
Slowly something in me broke apart
And something darker took its place

And when he sent me back to the kitchen
To fetch him up another beer
I said, ‘This shit is gonna do him in anyway
I’ll just help it skip a couple years.’

Now I don’t think that anger
Can be an act of will
Sometimes when all the tears are gone
You need something else to spill

So if I told you that I couldn’t help it
Would it help you to understand?
Why he’s sleeping like a baby
With a bottle in his hand

When it was time for my confession
And the warden let the preacher in
I said, “Father I’ve got a question
Before you ask about my sins:

Why did God give us all such broken feet
When he put us in the human race?
Did he pull us from the jungle
Just to be a laugh line on his face?

I don’t believe that true believing
Can be an act of will
It’s water that washes over us
Not a fortress that we build.”

The priest said, “Molly you must not question this.
It’s not for us to understand.”
And then he smiled just like a baby
With a Bible in his hand


"Scott Geier Rhymes with Liar" - LP self-released 1-18-08. Recorded in my bedroom, and now available on iTunes. You gotta love the 21st century. I've got another albums-worth of songs ready, but this time, I'm going to try to get someone to pony up some cash so I can record them good and proper. I've received some play on public radio stations in Colorado, Texas, Kansas Florida and Georgia.

Set List

I open with "Freebird," just to get it out of the way. After that, I can do about two hours of all original material. I prefer, however, to do one half-hour that makes you want to hear the other 90 minutes. Covers are usually 80s synth-pop tunes reworked as acoustic piano ballads.