Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson


Intense acoustic rock with a very dynamic style. Straying away from mainstream acoustic sounds......altered tunings, precise picking, and unique chord structures combine with passionate vocals to deliver a heavy dose of acoustic rock action.


Scott picked up an electric guitar at the age of 13. By 14 he was writing music. A hardcore band, Born to Resist, was formed in high school which evolved into, In Pieces. With the release of many demos and a split CD, the group gained popularity in southern New England as an original melodic hardcore band. Scott graduated from Glastonbury High School (CT) in 2000 and continued his education at the University of Rhode Island as a Business Administration MIS Major. During this time, In Pieces released their first full length CD on a record label out of Philadelphia.

At the end of his sophomore year, a major decision was made to pursue his degree and leave the band instead of going on a national tour. As a result of this difficult decision, Scotts songwriting for the acoustic guitar surfaced. Almost immediately, he was recognized as a talented, unique guitarist because of the fact that he strays from what is typically heard from most singer/songwriters. Scott doesn't play folk or your standard four-chord progression rock. He uses altered tunings and runs up and down the neck of the guitar with many created chords.

Graduating URI in 2004, he is presently a Technical Support Engineer for a major corporation, but his passion remains with his music. In 2005, Scott started recording a full length CD entitled Escape All Color. The album was released in May 2006 in Newport, RI at the Empire Tea & Coffee Café.



Written By: Scott Gibson

I had been staring at the sun all day,
Creeping in toward darkness to my dismay,
As secrets were revealed and brought to light,
I was busy searching for the moon all night.

There's cracks in the processes made, I'm telling you,
If these lines form the blueprints of days, it could be true.

I took a ride on wind that blew too far,
In through a valleys path lit by stars,
Lying on my back consuming skies,
It takes the ground falling from beneath for one to realize.

There's cracks in the processes made, I'm telling you,
If these lines form the blueprints of days, it could be true,
The ground below cannot be safe, it's caving soon,
Into tides washing over a days reflecting moon.


LP: Scott Gibson - Escape All Color

cd tracks streaming audio:

Set List

Scott's live performance can be described as energetic, passionate acoustic rock. He'll be pounding the strings at one moment and precisely picking them the next. A typical set will usually last around 45 minutes with some delay and looping effects thrown in from his Line6 delay pedal for intros or to carry him from one song to another.

Songs played from the cd:
1. Shades of Gray
2. Fall Through
3. When Everything You Know...
4. Fishing
5. Don't Believe in Fate
6. Senses Off
7. Someone Said
8. We Hold Fire
9. Tomorrow's Changed
10. Jumping Off the World

Newer original live songs:
Sense of Purpose
What Others Dress
For the Record
The Moment Time
Reflection of Night