Scott Gordin

Scott Gordin


Scott Gordin's Contemporary Christian music is designed to draw people to a place of worship, praise and renewal; and that's exactly what the music has been doing at praise events throughout Southern California. His debut CD is entitled, "Make Me A Worshiper."


Scott has been writing songs and leading worship in Southern California for over 15 years. "I love much of the Comtemporary worship and praise being done today and am thrilled to be a part of it", says Scott. When asked what time of day he gets inspiration for writing, Scott said, "Almost all of my songs have been written from 11PM to 3AM (and man, am I tired)


Make Me A Worshiper

Written By: Scott Gordin

Make me a worshiper of You,
my Jesus
Make me a worshiper of You,
my King
Make me a worshiper of You,
my Jesus
To You I lift my heart
my everything

Father, I worship You
I praise You day by day
Holy Spirit, strengthen me
be glorified in what I do and say
Purify my heart
and make my motives true
Lead me Your wonderous ways
and draw me close to You


Father, lift me up
and make me new
Fill my faithless heart
with songs of You
May your grace be known
thoughout my days
May your Spirit lead me
and may your mercy reign


Make me a worshiper
and cause me to be true
Make me a worshiper
a worshiper of You


Make Me A Worshiper - 2006

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