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Scott Hinkson

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Review of Tracking Outside In"

Tracking Outside In (Independent)Scott Hinkson gives solid proof the DIY method really works, with the talented singer-songwriter getting credit for writing, recording, mixing and mastering the final product. His earnest style combined with the quasi-chamber-pop edge to his better songs show promise Hinkson is headed for greater notoriety. Tracks like the stirring Agreed, with its bright orchestral underlay, uplifts with a Love-ish hopefulness while Day One is the best Paul Westerberg song he didn't write.

Jeff Monk, September 9th, 2006

- 3 out of 5 - Winnipeg Free Press

"WINNIPEG SUN Review of Tracking Outside In"

STYLE: Singer-songwriter with multiple personalities. SUBSTANCE: Admit it -- when you hear the term singer-songwriter, you think: Sensitive guy massaging an acoustic guitar and baring his tormented soul. Well, we are glad to report that Scott Hinkson is not that kind of singer-songwriter. Yes, his solo CD Tracking Outside In is truly a solo CD -- Hinkson plays nearly every instrument and produces himself. And yes, on these dozen cuts, the craftsman proves he can work an earnestly bittersweet melody and spin an engagingly personal tale with the best of them. But the former member of bands like Far Gone and Snooper also shows that unlike many troubadours, he's not afraid to plug in, crank up and rock out too. Plus his ear-catching production invests these songs with layers and textures that elevate them far beyond the usual bedroom-fi diary musings. All of which make Tracking Outside In one of the more varied and intriguing solo sets we've heard lately -- and mark Hinkson as a local artist to keep track of. Catch his CD release show Feb. 4 at the Pyramid. STANDOUTS: The lightly fuzzy pop-rock of Closer [note, there is no song called closer on the album, Lately is likely the intended title]; the strummy bounce of Everything Solo; the string-sweetened folk-pop of Agreed; the skittery electro-rock of Day One. ON THE WEB:

Sun Rating: 4 out of 5

Darryl Sterdan - January 20th, 2006
- Winnipeg Sun

"CHARTATTACK.COM Winnipeg Buzz: Scott Hinkson Comes In From the Cold"

It's not often that an artist can surprise a jaded rock critic. Scott Hinkson has done just that with his new Tracking Outside In album, which seemingly came out of nowhere like a fully formed diamond.

Of course, Hinkson hasn't really come out of the wilderness. His last big-profile project was Far Gone, a band in which he toiled with Jet Set Satellite frontman Trevor Tuminski. He's played in Snooper and put out a film soundtrack for Man Alone, and has also performed under the now-dropped moniker, Talent Show Finalist. "I thought I would outgrow that name," says Hinkson.

"Believe it or not, people were confused by the name. I kept getting asked what prizes I was competing for. They didn't get it."

Hinkson's finally found a name he can live with (his own), but now he needs to introduce himself all over again. Unfortunately, his online presence doesn't quite do him justice.

The Winnipegger blends together some pretty disparate sounds, yet still makes accessible tunes. Whip together the majestic ambition of Jeff Buckley, the hooky simplicity of a tougher Tal Bachman, the challenging nature of Failure, and the warm and soft tones of Eric Matthews, and you'll have a strange musical stew. Maybe that recipe's impossible to make, but describing the varied sounds of Tracking Outside In is almost as hard. You try it.

"The album was made over such a long period, between five and six years, so the different sounds are a product of the different influences and ideas I had over all that time," explains Hinkson. "I mean, I like Tool, but I like Sun Kil Moon, too.

"There's not just one thing that's influenced me. But it wasn't a conscious effort to have it be so different. I wouldn't do it over that long a period of time again. I would do it quicker and make it more cohesive."

As mentioned previously, Hinkson's last release was a soundtrack. So it may not come as a surprise that Tracking Outside In reveals great detail in atmospherics and a wide range of instrumentation. It sounds like a record that was worked on patiently and, maybe, obsessively. What might surprise some people is that the ultra-professional disc was created without any management, label or distribution lined up — or even really sought after.

"I just wanted to get it out," insists Hinkson. "I didn't want to send stuff out and wait for replies or get form letters back."

Hinkson is nevertheless benefiting from unofficial assistance in the form of his strong friendship with Tuminski, whose band had their own struggles with Nettwerk and consequently getting out their recent indie disc. Tuminski and bandmate Dave Swiecicki add their talents to five songs on Hinkson's new one.

Hinkson wrote, produced, mixed and mastered every song on the new CD. He also sang and played a multitude of instruments. Maybe his brilliantly catchy first single, "Everything Solo," reflects his Prince-like musical ambition. Now his next decision will be whether to tour as a solo act or with a full band. He's doing both for his album release party on February 4 at The Pyramid with special guest Serena Postel. Check out the show and help him decide.

Chris Yackoboski - January 20, 2006 -

"THE PROJECTOR (RRC Newspaper) Review of Tracking Outside In"

Winnipeg singer/songwriter Scott Hinkson blends many musical shades together in his chameleon debut album, Tracking Outside In. Former member of Winnipeg band Far Gone, Hinkson has crept out on his own branch to showcase his singer/songwriter talents in this pop/alternative/rock amalgamation album.

With lyrics like, "Get loaded with me, we'll hit the LC," my 'Pegger pride perked up, but wasn't the only thing that kept me listening to this album through all twelve tracks.

Subtle intros of quick fingered acoustic strumming and sinuous lyrics as heard in songs like Center/Line and Agreed, are woven throughout the disc, entwined with stiff, powerful songs full of conviction and tied down by rock roots. This braided combination gives the album a well-rounded feel.

Some tracks tend to teeter on the cusp of repetitive, but are not similar enough to raise any serious boredom. Hinkson redeems himself with the impeccably timed bursts of raw lyrics and rock, providing a sound that sets him apart from run of the mill pop tarts.

While he tracks his way into the ranks of memorable Canadian artists from the cold obscurity of the vast musical unknown, Scott Hinkson has made an album that is well worth a few spins.

Joanna Fultz - February 6th, 2006 - The Projector - Red River College Newspaper

"Uptown - Local Heroes"

Scott Hinkson was last heard on Under the Radar as a member of Snooper. Hinkson’s on his own again, and Tracking Outside In finds him mining the melodic rock vein — with a little experimentation thrown in. Hinkson was once a member of Far Gone with Trevor Tuminski of Jet Set Satellite, and both Tuminski and fellow JSS member Dave (Bulldog) Swiecicki lend a hand, as do Serena Postel and others. For the most part, however, this is all Hinkson — he wrote, performed, recorded, engineered and mastered all 12 cuts here. These songs were recorded over a five-year period, so there’s some variety. Some experiments aren’t as successful as The Bow Song, but on that track Hinkson manages to create not just a song but an environment and a mood. Lately, Everything Solo and On the Inside also warrant some love. Nice stuff, with more to follow, hopefully.


Mike Warkentin - March 30, 2006 - Uptown Magazine

"One to Watch..."

Although there are many good artists in the alternative singer-songwriter genre (Elliott Smith, Mike Bones), many of these albums are overwrought, self-indulgent and a real chore to sit through. Local artist Scott Hinkson falls into the former category. On his second album, he creates a gloomy atmosphere that beckons the listener to drift into his world. The production of the album deserves a special mention, as it lifts the album from good to great. Hinkson mixes loops and backing tracks into his songs and produced the album himself. It sounds professional and polished. Hinkson keeps the momentum going. He is definitely one to watch this year. - STYLUS Magazine Review of "The Torrent Sessions"

"No Slacker!"

"Something in me breeds notions of complacency," claims Hinkson. Coulda fooled us. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist's second solo CD proves he's no slacker. Rather, he continues to stand out from the troubadour pack by setting his folk-based confessional tales against an ambitiously crafted and stylishly produced backdrop of layered pop-rock. - WINNIPEG SUN Review of "The Torrent Sessions"


As Scott Hinkson:

- ONE BESIDE TWO (2011) - (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)
- THE TORRENT SESSIONS (2008) - (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer) - "Contamination Day" on CTV/NBC's "The Listener" and Power 97's River City Rawks 2008 compilation. “Surrounded” featured on Sean Garrity’s “Zooey and Adam” 2009 feature length film.
- In May 2007, Hinkson was selected to showcase at NewMusicWest in Vancouver, Canada.
- May 2006 - Hinkson earns a songwriting award for his song “Lately” via the songwriting contest.
- TRACKING OUTSIDE IN (2005) - (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)
- MUSIC FOR THE SHORT FILM 'MAN ALONE' (2003) - (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Other Projects:

- SERENA POSTEL “Spare Change” (2006) - (Producer, Performer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)
- SNOOPER “Under the Radar” (2004) - (Co-Songwriter, Producer, Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer, Bass Guitar, and Backing Vocals)



Scott Hinkson has returned after a serious stare-down in
front of the mirror with a much anticipated 2015 full length
release. Titled The Song is Not On, Hinkson opts for a
decidedly alt-pop synth infusion to add to his rock roots. The
familiar, lush and sonorous production highlights his brilliant
vocals and musicality on his sixth solo installment.
Themes of difficult truths, wanting what you can’t have and
accepting the frailty of being human provide Hinkson the
spindle to weave his clever songwriting. Evolving and growing,
Hinkson fearlessly takes on the task of reinventing his sound
but never wanes from the core of his music.
Pop-inspired track, ‘Idea Factory’, is aesthetically solid with
its balanced production, clever bridge and polished writing.
‘Blind Spots’ and ‘Time that Tides’ are delicious examples
of Hinkson’s evolving sound and practiced hand.The popinfused
hooks, tight harmonies and complex instrumentation
ignite with haunting keyboards and sensuous production.
Hinkson’s self-reflective content is delivered with soul-stinging
vocals (see ‘Last Way Out’, ‘Ditto’ and ‘We Fear the Night’).
His heartfelt lyrics counterbalance the bright, rich and airy
pop-inspired music.
Hinkson’s found something new in this latest conjuration and
casts a whole new sophisticated light to his music