Scott Hlavenka

Scott Hlavenka


Acoustic, Jazzy, Funky, Pop


Scott Hlavenka has been playing music for 16 years, and has been a working musician in Milwaukee for 5 years, playing jazz, gypsy jazz, flamenco, and acoustic shows around the metropolitan area. He is focused on pursuing his singer/songwriter music at this point in his career. He also studies and plays gypsy jazz and will continue to, while playing his original music. If you love huge walls of sound and a good, funky groove, he is just what you are looking for.


Thank you Everyday

Written By: Scott Hlavenka

Eyes across the room
I suddenly sink into
A glance that began
Healing a broken man

Baby, thank you for the grace
Calmness floods my veins
Baby, I just want to say
Thank you everyday

I like how I can’t explain
What the little things do
Like drifting next to your body
To greet the day with you

The gentle touch of your fingertips is heaven
Just lay your arms around me and tell me it’s alright


Latest release: Thursday Weather
Will be avalible on iTunes and on my website May 31st, 2008

You can also listen to me on:

"Thank you Everyday" is currently playing on 88.9, radio milwaukee

Set List

The set list is mainly original, being able to play for 2 to 3 hours, with a set break in between. Avalible to play solo shows or full band shows.

Tracks from "Thursday Weather":

1) Thank you Everyday
2) Nice to Meet You
3) In Between
4) Gracefully
5) Forgiveness
6) Undiscovered Fantasy
7) Perfect Place
8) For you my Love
9) Dennis
10) Amoni
11) (Gypsy)