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The best kept secret in music


"A Musician's Band"

Local Music Spotlight:
Scott Jeffrey's Band

HICKORY - I was invited out to see the Scott Jeffrey's Band at the Olde Hickory Tap Room on Saturday night. Luckily, I had seen them before, so I accepted.

What I didn't expect was that I would be whisked into an atmosphere that was reminiscent of Bourbon Street on a muggy Saturday night. The room was packed and the band was niched into a little corner of the room with a brick wall on one side and a neon light behind the drummer's head. The crowd was talking in high backed booths, and I settled in to check these guys out in earnest. I was struck by the emotion with which they played, and the fact that they were all barefooted. When the took the stage, they played some original material (like Erica's Song), and then they conquered me with a very impressive rendition of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." They moved through some very grooving, jazzy numbers and then I got another cover that blew me away - Prince's "Kiss."

The band consists of four members: Jeff Hartman, Micah Davidson, Daniel Flynn and Tony Eltora. The thing about this band is that they are a musician's band.

They are all very talented players and their sound is sonically impressive. The songs are tight and polished. They have a Dave Matthews-ish type sound, but are overall very versitile. Their original songs range from extremely jazzy to hauntingly ethereal with subtle layers throughout. Their new offering, "Northern Accent" is available for sale at shows. The have guest musicians from time to time and play consistently throughout the east coast. They are definately a band to see, especially if you are just looking to kick back and take in some really good music. Listen close enough and you'll be able to get that feel of New Orleans as well.

For more information about the Scott Jeffrey's Band, check out their website at - Operation: Dinner Out


“... these guys are becoming the fastest rising band on the local music scene. If you like smooth rock and funk tunes, this band will not disappoint in the least.”

" of the fastest rising bands in the area..."

"...This eclectic group of musicians has been tearing up the local and regional music scene for several months now and show no signs of slowing down at all. Their show is packed with funk, rock and jazz covers with some creative originals thrown in for good measure. You never know what you might hear when these guys hit the stage from one night to the next..."

" of the hottest bands in Hickory right now..."

"...This band of talented musicians plays a great show full of original material and some really interesting cover material that always makes you want to stop what you're doing and listen. The band incorporates the rock, funk, jam band, jazz, new wave and R&B genres of music into their shows and it all comes out sounding great..."

"...Apparently they can bust out an electric or acoustic show which you have to appreciate. As far as what I heard them play this evening, good quality rock and pop numbers that always makes the place go crazy. Go out and support this new band. Once you do I'll bet you'll go see them again..."

"...If you like your live music with lots of strong vocals and equally good musicianship, this is the band for you my friends..." - Scott W. Ramsey - EnterActive Weekly


“...Hartman’s beautiful voice and authoritative yet gentle presence unite story and character and guide the audience through the intricacies of a plot told largely in song.”

“...he commanded the stage, singing with authority and capturing the interest of the audience.” - Charlotte Observer


“...And Jeff Hartman. I’m getting tired of writing about what a fine performer he is.”

“Mess up sometime, Jeff, so I can have something different to say.”

“...the Jeff Hartman audiences look forward to watching is back. This is the kind of performance the public has come to expect of Hartman...” - Lenoir News-Topic

"Scott Jeffrey's Band"

“...the response I got from our listeners and staff was fantastic!” - Hal Row, First Talk - 1290 WHKY Talk Radio's First Talk

"Fan Mail"

Hello, Jeff. I, believe it or not, keep up with you guys via mostly your newsletter and word on the street. I really like the two things you wrote in this issue. First, about your '03 year in perspective. You have preformed feats of amazement. The very fact you grew up and out when the rest of the music world basically sucked down and in (I know, I never said I was a lyricist) is an achievement in it's self.

I get to work with different groups and individuals pretty much on a daily basis, but you displayed talents and skills here that I rarely get to see. I know that surely sometimes you ask yourself, "Damn, why am I doing this" especially when things get crazy with your bandmates or bookings get screwed up. But that comes with the territory. Just keep up the good work. I believe in you and really think you have more good things coming. Most of my career has been involved with different aspects of "making it," getting close, but not quite there. So, for those of us who haven't "made it," (yet!), we pass the torch on to someone who I believe will.

The second part reminds me of what the music used to be like back in the '60's and '70's. There was this kind of sprit in the air that said "new things, thoughts and ideas" and "new feelings." It was like, everywhere. There was this excitement of discovery as well as people sharing all of this. We used to get a new album, which we usually had to wait for and it seemed like forever, but we would get together at someone's house, usually whoever had the newest needle on their turntable and a great sounding system, and listen. Over and over and we would talk about all the parts and what the songs meant. It was such a wonderful time. I just hope that through my work, someone else can experience that the way I did.

BTW, Merry Christmas and I hope you and yours have a healthy, prosperous New Year!

David Black
Old House Recording Studio - Gastonia, NC
704-867-9166 - Old House Recording Studio


Scott Jeffrey's Band [Black Album] (2005)
Northern Accent (2003)
These Boots (2002)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The name "Scott Jeffrey's Band" materialized when nothing else would. Singer/songwriter Jeffrey Scott Hartman founded the band in 2000 when he decided to shove original music down the throats of all cover band downtrodden. With no name, the band was simply referred to by friends & family as "Jeffrey's Band." While Jeff searched for something less individualistic, his girlfriend suggested throwing his middle name in front establishing some sense of anonymity thus representing the ensemble of the group and the others' contributions to the arrangements and the creative process. Leaving the possessiveness in "Jeffrey's" would serve only as a reminder and personify Jeff's body of work as the foundation for which the band was built upon. Enter Tony Eltora, then Daniel Flynn, then Micah Davidson. All four distinct music personalities yield a single sound; sometimes rock, sometimes jazz, sometimes folk, other times funk, with soaring vocals laced together with melodies that never leave you. Nevertheless, it can only be described as the sound of Scott Jeffrey's Band. The group has quickly gained top standing in their home region and has carved out an impressive place for themselves on the club and college circuits, performing at least 200 dates yearly.

Jeff Hartman is an award-winning actor and musical director and a graduate of ASU with degrees in advertising and theater. He was reciting classical compositions at nine, accompanied by six years of classical training, soon collaborating and recording original material at 14. Jeff subsequently tackled five years of comprehensive music theory.

Hartman was honored by The National Library of Poetry and became a published author in 1994 with a revelational piece of poetry called “Hands,” subsequently collected and released as “The Sound of Poetry” on audio book in 1995. By 1996 he was making a living music directing theater productions and touring the region and recording with a variety of rock groups, sharing stages with Molly Hatchet and Georgia Satellites.

Hartman brings to each performance nineteen years of on- and offstage experience including his 1998 on-screen appearance as a patient in United Artists production of Carrie II and as North Carolina Theater Conference’s 1998 Outstanding Supporting Performer for his stage work in The Complete Works of WLLM SHKSPR [abridged]. Jeff returned to music on his own terms in 1999, world colliding his accomplished twelve-year, predominantly solo career with sjB brethren. Billy Joel continues to have the biggest influence on Jif’s career.

Jeff's theatrical vocal stylings have broadly been compared by friends, fans and critics to David Byrne, Terry Kath, Elvis Costello, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Matthews and David Bowie.

“Simplify, simplify, simplify. Scott Jeffrey's Band is the product of a back to basics, Thoreau-style of music and storytelling. We compliment our music with interpretive cover material. Lord knows every band on Earth plays Brick House. The challenge is laying it down in a way nobody’s ever heard before. That’s what Scott Jeffrey’s Band does best. When was the last time you heard John Denver’s 'Sunshine On My Shoulders' funked up?

“I would rather call a song a story. Behind every song, there’s a story. Behind every story, there’s a song. That’s what it’s all about to me. Recording’s tough. Someone said it’s like picking out a suit you’re going to wear for the rest of your life! Therefore you may not hear us perform 'Northern Accent' or 'Red' the same way twice. All of my music will continue to evolve with my skills as a storyteller and musician.”

Others in the band include Micah Davidson, Tony Eltora and Daniel Flynn. Collectively they’ve performed with the likes of Mood Cultivation Project, Modern Groove Syndicate, Arrested Development, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers Band, Jupiter Coyote, Acoustic Syndicate, The Recipe, Maverick Records’ Wil Seabrook, Nashville’s Will Hoge and Cowboy Mouth.