Scott Julsen Band

Scott Julsen Band



The Scott Julsen band has been hitting it pretty hard this past year with a slew of unbelievable shows from: Grand Junction, Boulder, Avon, Colorado Springs, and of course all the favorite clubs in their home turf: Denver.

“Well crafted songwriting added with incendiary guitar while accompanying a solid grove to insure everyone in the room will move”

Music Connection Magazine

Their style is diverse, playing original songs reminiscent of Shawn Mullins, Dave Matthews and Blues Traveler; while doing covers from Seal to The Doors with guitar styles from Gilmore, Beck, Stevie, Warren, and Trey.

They can gear every show to the venue, sometimes all acoustic to full-blown electric.

In fact, they are regularly hired for private and corporate events.


You may have heard a few original SJB songs played regularly on Denver’s best radio stations:

KQMT 99.5 FM The Mountain~

Area 93.3 FM~

KCUV 1510 AM- KCUV 102.3 FM~

KVDU ~ Denver University Internet Radio

KCRV 88.9 FM~

Set List

Covers and Originals-
Covers will include the popular jam bands, AAA formate, abd a few classics.
Sets from 45 to 4 hours.