Scott Kaija (young coconut meat)

Scott Kaija (young coconut meat)


Young Coconut Meat is a new project helmed by former controller.controller guitar player and singer, Scott Kaija.


Scott Kaija should be enjoying his time off the road, but instead he’s chained to his guitar and microphone – pick and laptop in hand. Although touring across North America and Europe with Controller.Controller may have solidified Scott as a veteran in the music industry, his roots in the scene go much deeper than that. As the managing director of Umbrella Music, Scott interviewed hundreds of well-known artists, as well as hosting monthly shows at the Rivoli in Toronto. Scott also fronted the indie rock group Space Elevator before taking on duties as a singer-songwriter and guitarist in Controller. His contribution to indie music is significant, but certainly not complete.

Scott’s guitar continues to “stab and dance” as it did in Controller.Controller, but now that the songs are entirely his own, he explores new territory – lyrically and vocally on top of his layered guitars. Although the themes of his songs are generally dark and deeply personal, there are some tracks where he comes up for a breath of fresh air – if only momentarily.

“The songs I have written are a result of past experiences colliding with new ones – and this process of change is not always an easy one.”

We are glad his songs aren’t easy, because nothing worth listening to is.