Scott Lester

Scott Lester

 Rugby, England, GBR

Bring your music to life!


Have you spent money recording in a studio to find out the tracks haven't turned out as you hoped?
Have you made home recordings and want someone with experience to bring them to life?

Every artist and band is unique and should sound so. A lot of studios I have dealt with have a 'sound', so every artist's recordings sound the same because they use the same process to record, mix and master everything. A one box fits all approach.

I believe you should keep your own sound and I want to work with you to do this.
I listen to what you want. I ask before I start work on your tracks what you envisage your music to sound like. A bass sound that you love. A tone of snare drum. An influence you want to emulate. Whatever it is tell me and I can work to try and create it.

Yes the basic sound that was recorded in a studio or in your home has some limitations on how it can be changed but it is amazing what you can do with the right mix,compression, EQ and mastering tools.

All songs I mastered. The tracks show the songs in ten second samples of what the track was like before mastering and after. The song Delight i mixed and mastered.

I work with mainly instrument based music acoustic, folk, rock,metal, country, jazz, pop.

Mixing and Mastering Per track $120
Mastering only $30
$15p/h for any Editing or Vocal tuning that you might want done.

Bundle Rates
10 track Album Mixing and Mastering $1000
5 track EP Mixing and Mastering $500

10 track Album Mastering $250
5 track EP Mastering $135

All mixing I ask for 50% payment before work starts and the rest on completion as this is a much longer process.
I offer a couple of free changes to a mix and master after you have heard what I have done to suit your specifications. After I charge $5 a change.

For mastering you can email me the track and for mixing you can send me via post me a DVD or External Drive. Please contact for details.

Payment via Paypal. Please email any inquires.

I hope to hear from you.