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Last Tree is Grown
The Tumult of the Fair
She Started Screaming
Best-Dressed Monster
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally hailing from Oswego, NY, Scott Lloyd has called many places home, including Charleston, SC (childhood and college), Cambridge, MD (more school), and Charlottesville, VA (still in school). The 'itch' to play and write music has always been present but was often shadowed by ac-A-demics. Scott took guitar lessons for three months in 3rd grade which peaked with a stellar rendition of 'Another Brick in the Wall', a performance his family still speaks of when he asks them to. The clarinet replaced the guitar in high school, a decision Scott says was made to "meet girls."

"The clarinet is an incredibly expressive instrument, and I guess I was pretty good at it for a while. But often it was complicated and moody in my hands, like the girls..."

In college (C of C!), Scott began playing and writing music more frequently but never really considered this a viable option for employment. He received awards for academics and worked for the National Audubon Society marking property lines around a blackwater swamp sanctuary. After numerous encounters with venomous snakes (3), angry property owners (5), and a hornet's nest (1), he began graduate school (oceanography) at the University of Maryland. The itch to make music soon became a full-blown rash which still sporadically recurs.

"The only treatment is rock, baby, rock." Scott embarrasses himself often...

P.S. If you ask him real nice-like, he may show you pictures of his 2 dogs and 1 cat.

P.P.S. Scott did not write this, he swears.