A contemporary Christian artist whose songs glorify God and encourage believers in their walk with Him.


I began playing guitar while in college years before becoming a Christian. After receiving Christ as Savior in 1995, my music making was turned over to the Lord as an offering. I attended Bible college and served as full time staff at a local church for eight years. I led the praise/worship at the church for several years, and now am taking steps of faith to minister outside the local church with original songs that I have written.

My musical influences are mostly secular, as I grew up listening to classic rock and roll. Artists such as Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, and the Allman Brothers contributed to my initial musical tastes. When I received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, Keith Green, Passion, Matt Redman, Darrell Evans, Lenny LeBlanc, etc have encouraged me to continue writing songs and singing for the Lord.

Every time I play, I focus my attention on using the gifts I have been given to: 1) glorify God, 2) edify, exhort, and encourage other believers, 3) create a hunger and thirst in unbelievers to know God. I believe that God inhabits our praises, specifically when we are singing a spontaneous new song from the overflow of our hearts. One of my passions is making room in songs for spontaneous expressions of praise, allowing new songs to be birthed in the moment, even seeing congregations joining in the creative process.


You Are Real

Written By: Scott Magley

You are raised
No longer in the grave
Still powerful today
Still powerful today.

Jesus we cry out
We lift our voice and shout
We're desperate in this hour
Please fill us with Your power

To show Yourself real
You are real

We want to go and do
All the things you want us to
Use our hands and feet
Use our mouths to speak

To show Yourself real
You are real

You are real...to me

Follow You

Written By: Scott D. Magley

I need You, I'll seek You in a day You can be found. I need Your presence everyday, I seek You now.

Those that know Thy name, O God, will put their trust in Thee.
For Thou, O Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek...

To follow You in all Your ways every hour of every day. To know You, to love You more than ever before.

I'll hear You, my heart will listen for You voice and say. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in my life today.

Every word of God is pure, to those who trust He shields. Jesus Christ my Savior, Friend, to You I freely yield...

To Follow you...

Rock Your World

Written By: Scott D. Magley

Go rock your world.
You're a living stone whom God has made His own.
Go rock your world.

Let them in you Jesus see.
Let them hear your testimony.
How God has rescued you, my friend, and made His home within.

Go rock your world...

You have a will, what will you do?
You have a choice, what will you choose?
You can run and hide or you can choose to fly.

Go rock your world...

Choose well, dream big, trust God and go for it.
Pray hard, don't quit, get ready now and go for it.

Go rock your world...


Currently recording singles as finances allow. Have recorded one single as a solo acoustic artist and four singles with my former band, Xpress.

Set List

My typical set is performed during a church or youth service. Generally I do several upbeat praise songs and then several laid back worship songs. Every now and then I will mix it up and do something different. Most of the songs I do are originals, as writing new songs is my passion, but when I do covers, typical artists covered would be Darrell Evans, Passion, Martin Smith, etc.

More Like You-upbeat
Rend Thine Heavens-medium
Rise Up-medium
Way Maker-upbeat
Not Unto Us-upbeat
Here Am I, Send Me-upbeat missions emphasis
Awake, Arise, and Pursue-upbeat
Follow You-laid back
Never Leave Me-medium
Take My Yoke-upbeat
You Are Real-laid back
I Will Magnify-laid back
Consume Us, O God-laid back
I Stand in Awe of You-laid back
It is Written-laid back
You Will Shine-laid back
Freedom in the Land-upbeat
God's Word Says-upbeat
In God We Boast-upbeat
Rock Your World-medium, for teenagers
When Tomorrow Comes-medi