Scott Malyszka

Scott Malyszka

 Reston, Virginia, USA

Twisted lyrics with flashy mountain picking. Tom Waits meets Doc Watson. Equally at home in bars, folk venues, and festivals.


Combining traditional folk and Appalachian music with wise, twisted lyrics, Scott Malyszka performs acoustic music with deep roots and brilliant themes.

Scott’s lucid lyrics sometimes read as rich poetry and other times as scenic story. He accompanies his mountain-flavored vocals with driving flatpick guitar. It’s Doc Watson meets Tom Waits.

Scott’s most recent CD is 2011’s “Dry Town,” recorded by engineer Les Thompson (founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band). Scott is joined on the CD by fiddler Marcy Cochran (from the award-winning group Dead Men’s Hollow), plus harmony vocals by blues man Harny and old-time mandolin from Al Bernier.

Recent performances include the Washington Folk Festival, the Avalon Folk Festival, Reston Festival, Northern VA Fine Arts Festival, plus frequent appearances at bars, taverns, and Americana venues in the Washington DC area, and as fiddler in the Loudon County Theater’s presentation of “Spoon River Anthology.”

Scott performs regularly with fiddler Marcy Cochran and songwriter Tom Bodine. Tom's debut CD, "Bring Me Back," prominently features Scott's mandolin picking throughout.

Scott plays old-time fiddle with Feel The Wag, a northern-Virginia string band that also includes Bud Burwell on hammered dulcimer and a varying lineup of other old-time musicians. The band plays traditional dance tunes from Appalachia and New England at festivals, fairs, wineries, and community events in northern Virginia.

Scott is the founder of New Trail Coaching, a service that helps people succeed in their creative and artistic work. His coaching efforts include individual coaching, tele-classes, and group workshops for musicians, writers, and performers.


Nickels & Dimes

Written By: Scott Malyszka

Nickels and dimes, nickels and dimes
All my life it's been nickels and dimes
Never seen any money
Never hit my prime
All my life it's been nickels and dimes

Bernice bends her back in the factory
Never gets a decent day's rest
Sunday she goes down to the church house
She says, Thank the Lord we're so blessed

Patty rolls the rig most every night
coffee to go and a satellite radio
She knows more about this land of the free
Than all those clowns down in Washington D.C.

Judas, Peter Or John

Written By: Scott Malyszka

There were days our friendship grew
We were undivided
I could have given you myself

But I was undecided

Call me Judas, Peter or John
Any name would fit me like a glove
I tried to find you and then denied you
All the time hiding in your love

Neighbors said, You knew her well.
In her rooms you tarried.
Was it I? I'm not so sure, I lied
And ran off in a hurry

Gethsemane, withered tree
Breaking bread I held your head
Love is patient, love is kind
Love will leave you far behind
I know who you are

Your words were handsome and kind
A poet so beguiling
I studied you, I enjoyed your ways
There ain't no denying

Lovin' Mama

Written By: Scott Malyszka

Late at night she breaks the ice
She might surprise me once or twice
I just smile 'cause it feels so nice.
Early morning drinking tea
Pass that sugar bowl to me
Love is happy, love is free

My mama fills my heart with lightning
Fire so free, stars so frightening
My mama fills my mouth with honey
Sticky sweet, warm and sunny
Hey, loving' mama

What's the word, lady bird?
Find a tree, fly so free
Sky so high, you and I

Give a tug, lady bug
Crawl up close, let's have a hug
Love is simple, that's enough

Corporation Blues

Written By: Scott Malyszka

I got a job at the office place
Got a boss staring in my face
Got a little desk and a little chair too
Little telephone I can talk to you

I don't know what to do
We're in the black but I'm feeling blue
I don't know how to act
Corporation blues are on my back

They're paying that guy twice as much as me
They're giving me twice responsibility
I got another meeting at half past two
Just another reason for nothing to do

I don't know what to do
My day is done, I want to have some fun
I don't know how to act
Corporation blues are on my back

They're paying that guy twice as much as me
They're giving me twice responsibility
Don't none of these people ever play guitar
Singing Brown-Eyed Girl at the corner bar?

Carrie And I

Written By: Scott Malyszka

Carrie and I sitting on a bench
In the light, in the patriarchal church
Saint Michael's Day in autumn
Watch the angels playing hide and search
Carrie leans warm against me
Her brown hair is long and tossed
Old Armenian woman hisses at her
Don't you sit like that with your legs crossed

Walk beside the great stone wall
Construction workers smoking on their break
They're replacing the gold atop that dome
The king will give as much as God will take
Carrie and I just puzzle it out
Her arm wraps around my waist
Battles for centuries built all this
This mosque, this wall, this church, this fate

Smell of prayers across the room
Faces freeze with grace and gloom
Heart-born stain, rattling chain
Nothing given, nothing gained

Sitting in the park she removes her shoes
Her legs are so pretty and strong
I stroke her knee while we whisper and kiss
In the park the November sky grows dark
It's good for friends like us to kiss
She speaks this creed and I just nod
It's all ours, we didn't steal a thing
Soul kisses, the language of God

Smell of leaves, undressing trees
Prayers lost upon the breeze
Soul kisses unrestrained
Nothing given, nothing gained


Dry Town - 2011 CD
People Really Live This Way - 2009 CD
I Don't Have Friends Anymore - 2007 CD

Tracks from each CD have received airplay on folk and Americana radio in the United States, Canada, and Australia.