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Scott Martin

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF | AFM

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Rock Singer/Songwriter




"PREMIERE: "Head Over Heels" by Scott Martin"

Scott Martin delivers a rock-pop party song about love's elation. Filled with influence from Tom Petty and U2, "Head Over Heels" brings energetic jubilation and a feel-good nostalgia to those who love warm times and good vibes.

Opening with a muted staccato that resembles a similar underlying rhythm put forth by The Edge on "Where the Streets Have No Name," Scott Martin sings about the complete enchantment an other has over him. "Can't remember who I was / I smell your skin and feel your touch / but it's never close enough." The pure emotion and tingling sensation of newfound love leads up to a powerful pop rock chorus, with Martin belting and the electric guitar freeing its rhythm. "I'm head over heels / this is all I want to feel," Martin yells as his acceptance of this love fills him with summery joy.

..."it’s a poppy tune about a summertime fling in know, the weather gets nice out, you meet someone you’re really into, and it’s all sunshine and daisies and that whole “wow, this is great” sort of thing. You know it’s probably not gonna last, but nonetheless, you find yourself just letting go and falling in love a little bit until it’s over..."

As the guitar's staccato comes back into the fray, it's joined by a simple yet infectious beat that continues the glory and release from the chorus. More flashbacks to U2 sounds emerge with this beat as the sounds of their hey day hit the nostalgia factor, but there's also some great underlying influences to this track.

"...​I wrote "Head Over Heels" while absolutely murdering several artists on repeat - Tom Petty (that’s normal for me, I never stop with him), The Band Camino (great song by them called “Young” specifically), and an amazing man from Sweden named Håkan Hellström - they absolutely love him over there. Beautiful tunes (and ever better if you get to know the lyrics in Swedish.) I’d say that there’s no question that the vibe and musicality of these guys played a big part in what went through my head when I was writing 'Head Over Heels'."

Overall, the tune represents a shift of direction for Scott Martin. His earlier EP, Storm of the Century, focused more on melodic hard rock, with its pulsing power chords and slick guitar riffs. While "Head Over Heels," sounds like a campfire party jam, where bliss is more accentuated than other aspects.

"...“Head Over Heels” and the other tracks I’ve done recently are definitely a lot poppier and less aggressive than what I’d done with Bulletproof or SOTC in the past, and I think a lot of that is that I got back in touch with my roots a bit more (Petty, U2, 80’s tunes, etc) - I guess maybe some of that angry young man syndrome has also bled off by now (ha!). But truthfully, I wound up having this realization that I wanted to make music that had the potential to make a room full of people just feel really good and joyful, honestly. A “we’re having a party and you’re all invited” sort of vibe, if you will. And of course, to me, it’s still rock n roll, I still beat the hell out of my guitar every set, and the energy’s still there - it’s just coming from a different place and a different frame of mind." - HearHereNYC

"Scott Martin Shows Us His Rock N' Roll Heart"

Scott Martin has just released his second solo single titled “Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart.” This song is anthemic in a 1980’s glam rock way with a towering chorus and emotional vocals that hit listeners right in the heart. The lyrical content of the song is about really feeling in love with someone but being a bit fearful that the love will eventually turn into pain if the relationship ends. The song is produced quite well and has excellent melodic guitars that add to the energetic vibe of the track. The instrumentation fit perfectly with the songwriting style. It’s a true hit! Aside from doing his solo music, the New York City singer-songwriter also plays with the rock bands Bulletproof Messenger and Storm of the Century. - Rock The Pigeon


Head Over Heels (2018)

Rock N' Roll Heart (2018)

Crazy Little Love Machine (2019)

Bringing Hollywood Back To Life (2019)



Scott Martin is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist hailing from New York City.

Outside of his career as a solo artist, he is also a founding member of both Bulletproof Messenger and Storm of the Century, and serves as an in-demand session player for a wide variety of local and national acts.

The majority of his sound revolves around writing upbeat, feel-good rockers following in the tradition of heroes such as Petty and Springsteen.

“…Scott Martin delivers a rock-pop party song about love’s elation. Filled with influence from Tom Petty and U2, “Head Over Heels” brings energetic jubilation and feel-good nostalgia to those who love warm times and good vibes.” - HearHereNYC

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