Scott Maynard and the Quiet Revolution

Scott Maynard and the Quiet Revolution


A brit-pop chassis with a can-rock engine. Glass tinted with bluegrass. Antique horn. 300k. Paint cracked but still intact. Functional 8-track. One of a kind. A rare find.


The Quiet Revolution formed in early 2002 around the songwriting of Scott Maynard. Each member has played in countless bands, including By Divine Right, Selina Martin, DoMakeSayThink, Deep Dark United and The Arrogant Worms. A combination of good songwriting and musicianship inspires the Quiet Revolution but what truly sets them apart is Scott's voice.
You never know what is going to happen at a QR show - there is the tight pop-rock band, the intimate solo performance, the classical sensibility, the jazz influence, bluegrass, improv. Switching up gears, sometimes in the middle of a song, you will never see the same set twice.
Influences include The Kinks, The Clean, The Police, Steve Reich, Bach, Stravinsky, Nick Drake, Clarence Ashley, Slint, The Rheostatics.


The Scott Maynard and the Quiet Revolution EP was released in 2004. Five songs that fall firmly into the pop-rock category. You can buy them individually at A full length album is in the works.

Set List

The Quiet Revolution typically play sets from 45-60 minutes, but can play for longer. Song lengths range from 2-5 minutes. 25-30 original songs and a handful of instrumentals, which we can mix up and extend with spontaneous improvisation. We occasionally play covers, including The Who's "A Quick One While He's Away".