Scott McCarley

Scott McCarley


Scott's musical influences are rooted in the sounds of Woodstock Rock and traditional country music. His own sound evolved after the 70's Texas music revolution and have been rounded out by a sense and sound of folk and Americana.


With deep roots in rural Texas, Scott paints the pictures of small town life in the words of song. Old men sitting under shade trees and the pain felt when the box plant closes and leaves a town without its primary employer. Whether you remember the big old cars of your younger years, proudly sported letter jackets or schoolboy art left prominently on the town's watertower, his songs will spark memories in all who hear them.

A songwriter since the 60's, he has played in bands from Texas to Florida and Alabama back to Colorado. His songs have been covered by other artist and recogized in song contest among which he was a finalist in Colgate's Country Showdown. He has shared the stage with Ray Wylie Hubbard, Cooder Graw, Gary P. Nunn, Willis Alan Ramsey, Larry Joe Taylor, Sisters Morales, Tom Russell, Steven Fromholz and many more great musicians and fellow songwriters.

Spending more time on songwriting and perfecting his craft thru words has opened new doors for the seasoned musician. He also spends a good deal of his time as part of the very popular band, The Mixed Review, who with the release of their self titled album, have been enjoying airplay around the country. Scott has two CD's that he has released under his own label, Springstreet Records. Too Old, originally released in 1997, was a compilation of country and folk reflecting on a 20 year songwriting experience. His newest CD, Smiling In The End, released in 2005, shows the maturity of this songwriter who is just coming into his own and will leave a legacy of honest and real life songs for years to come. He has gotten good airplay on radio around the country from this critically aclaimed collection of well crafted songs. A new CD, entitled "Highway 19", is scheduled for release in early 2007.


1994: Too Old (CD) out of print
1999: Too Old (CD) (SpringStreet Records)
2004: Smiling In The End (CD) (SpringStreet Records)
2005: The Mixed Review (CD) (Compilation)
2007: Highway 19 (CD) (SpringStreet Records) (Chicken Fried Live Pub.)

Set List

Typical 2 or 3 45 minute sets