Scott Riesterer

Scott Riesterer


House and Break beats both soothing and seething, occaisionally tickled by the caress of my horns.


Growing up in Vancouver, a city known for cultural diversity, unpredictable weather, and beautiful natural surroundings, Scott Riesterer developed a rather eclectic collection of interests. He is a producer of electronic music, a second-degree black belt, a trumpet player, a sound designer, an in-line skater, a DJ, and a skier. His music is influenced by the cutting edge electronic music of Sasha, John Digweed, Trentemoller, and Lee Burridge, as well as the classic sounds of the NES.


The Organic Machine
Lifeline - Cry (Remix)
Dan McKie - Soul (Remix)
Aoo&ooA - Madman (Remix)
Jakd EP

Set List

(25 Min. live Set)
Slush Shoe Blues