Scott Michaelz

Scott Michaelz


I'm all original 'Roots Rock'. My songs are diverse and meaningful, with provocative lyrics and catchy hooks. My music appeals to anyone who likes Nickelback, Jack Johnson, or Sheryl Crow. My live performances are gritty, soulful and 'To The Core', I'll bend your ear and stir your emotions!


Born in Toronto, Ontario...I was raised by some very hip parents. I was exposed to live concerts and festivals at a young age including John Lennon and James Brown. At age 13 I received my first guitar and by 14 was already busking in the subways of Toronto, playing songs by the artists who greatly influenced me, including; Springsteen, The Beatles, Tom Petty and The Tragically Hip to name just a few.
I moved to Vancouver in 1989 and have been writing and performing here ever since. For several years I fronted a band called "Blind Truth' and together we played some of the hottest clubs in the city. One of my songs titled 'In Your Shoes' appeared as the closing tune on a 'Best of Canada' compilation CD. Recently another one of my originals titled "Coming Over' received honourable mention in the Unisong International Songwriting Contest. My most current album, "To The Core" is a return to my roots, an opportunity to break it down and stand alone.
What sets me apart from other performers is the energy in my live shows, and the number of wicked tunes I have to play. This album stands not on high-tech production, embellishments or fine tuning, but instead it is the raw energy of my performance and the catchiness of the songs that make it memorable. The ride is just beginning! Want to come along?


My Days In T.O.


There’s a friend that I haven’t seen
In 15 long years, does he still remember me
We were a handful, man we were cool
We were borderline juveniles
And borderline fools

We ran for the money and we ran for fun
We ran for nothing ‘cause we needed to run
And hang out on Yonge street every night and day
Well I’d play guitar and sing
and he’d collect the change

Those were my days in T.O.
An angry kid… long ago
Those were my days in T.O.
Lost in the waves of Lake Ontario
Well Those were my days in T.O.

We’d ride the subways back and forth
From Finch to Union, University north
And in the summer, when the weather was fine
We’d trip to the islands just killing time


Those days are gone now,
but it’s really not that bad
It’s the loss of a friend that
leaves me feeling so sad
But the world is turning and the city’s changed
And I’ve grown to understand that nothing stays the same



No One


I find it hard to look away
With your head in your hands
There’s nothing that can’t break
You’re just an ordinary man
And no one, no one….never falls

I watched you stumble just the other day
Looks like it took you by surprise
You’re caught up in the wake
Of someone else’s lies
And No one, no one….never falls

Take a walk outside yourself
And leave your worries on the shelf
You’re surrounded by your walls
Well just remember…no one….never falls

Hear my words and what I have to say
‘Cause I’d never do you wrong
You’ve got to hold your head up high
You’ve got to pull your self along
And just remember…No one, no one….
never falls



Yellow Line


There was a time…when we were very young
And we…we were the wild ones
Without a dime…..we just walked away
On the run….for another day and another day…

I saw no signs…..and no particular point of view
No yellow line….(showing me the way to you) 2x


If the world opened up…and swallowed me whole
Well I’d find a way, someway
I’d never let you go
I’d search well beyond the farthest distant stars
‘cause I know somehow the signs
would show me where you are

I stumbled down…some forgotten trail
And fumbled ‘round….like I was new to brail
But something shined…and it pulled at my shoes
Like a yellow line…(showing me the way to you) 2x


I walked alone….on through the night
I heard a tone….coming from a distant firelight
And like a song…..the notes called to me
‘cause I belong …with you my dear somewhere free

If I was blind….well my eyes were now… very new…
I found the signs….showing me the way to you
Like neon signs……pointing me the way to you
a yellow line…(showing me the way to you) 2x



"To The Core" Live & Unplugged Released 01/07
"Bending The Line" Released 06/06

Set List

SCOTT MICHAELZ- 'To The Core' Set List

My Days In T.O.
The Art of Love
*Yellow Line
I Am In Tune
Where You Goin’
My Own
*Traveling Show
Back On You
No One
*Coming Over

Encore Songs
Bending The Line
Feeling Drained

I'm very proud of this set! It's a little over an hour,
the order of the songs is just right for taking the audience on a journey of sound and mind. A roller coaster ride....with a few up-tempo rockin' tunes and some killer ballads. It always leaves them cheering for more!