Scott Nicks

Scott Nicks

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Scott Nicks takes a quixotic sense of melody, welds it to quietly insightful lyrics, bolts the whole thing to an acoustic guitar tuned to an open tuning with a vaguely threatening name, and carries the entire affair strapped to his back like a suffering martyr.


Now based in Halifax, Scott Nicks is a singer-songwriter from Truro, Nova Scotia. In December of 2006, Scott released "Preview", a five song demo recording that he hand-sold at gigs and in the CD store where he worked. With the help of then 17-year-old bassist and recording whiz, Keith Doiron, Scott completed a full-length album of eleven songs plus a bonus, "A Song For Tuesday Blues" in June of 2008. Backed on the record by Keith Doiron on bass and Jordan Murphy on drums, the two backed up Scott as an acoustic based trio. A highlight for the group was opening for Old Man Leudecke at the Stone Church Hall. Also appearing on 'Tuesday Blues' is Brad Lahead, guitarist for Halifax band Long, Long, Long. Since the release of then, the three worked together on recording, mixing, and mastering their second and latest full-length recording entitled "Slowly" which was released in Dec. 2010. This album has more of a full band focus, with ebbs and flows from heavy distorted rock to choral harmonies backed up by beating on garbage cans and music stands. Although this album is more fleshed out than the last, there remains a clear focus on melody, even at it's fullest and loudest. Having recently added guitarist Justin McGrath to the band, the groups focus is playing as much as possible to promote their new independently released diy album and to have a good time doing it.


- LP released December 2010
- 11 tracks

"Three Songs"
- EP for Slowly released August 2010
- 3 tracks

"A Song For Tuesday Blues"
- LP released July 2008
- 11 tracks plus a bonus track

- demo EP for ASFTB released December 2006
- 5 tracks

Set List

Anywhere from full band electric performances to stripped down solo acoustic sets. Any set length can be arranged, with hours worth of original music.