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HAMILTON MUSIC AWARD WINNER: Canadian Americana, Folk, Alt-Country, Performing Singer-Songwriter; SCOTT ORR


This self-produced, folk-rock album displays both ambition and obsession from the Canadian singer/songwriter. “The do-it-yourself method of making records is the only way that makes sense to me. No one else can capture the vision I have for a specific sound. There are something’s in art you just can’t communicate”, Scott explains. After months of juggling recording options with various producers and studios, Orr ended up taking the wheel himself. “People who work in the music industry make it out to be a dangerous proposition for an artist to 'go it alone' and write, produce and market a recording by oneself”, he says. However, Orr’s personal ambition, however, has willed him to new heights with this project.

The twelve-song, Miles From Today builds on the foundation of the organic, acoustic melodies and unassuming vocals of Orr’s previous efforts. While the new album retains Scott’s award-winning songwriting, it features more risk taking than the previously explored. The light-hearted, love-won-love-lost themes are still present on songs like, “Love Is A Dream” and “Wondergirl.” But Orr surveys the landscape of social justice and pain, as well, in moments like, “Don’t Want To See That Again,” a track inspired by the experiences of Orr’s post-Katrina visit to New Orleans ("I see the wife holding her children and holding to life like it’s not holding to them / Don’t want to see that again.”).

The forthcoming release boasts a host of wonderfully unique songs that reveal maturity and growth in Orr’s writing. “That’s how the record took over a year to make," Orr explains. "It was really important to me not to just settle with a song if I wasn’t one hundred percent happy with it.” A testament to his obsession of perfection was evident when the album's last song, “I’ll Wait for You” was written and recorded just three days before the album was sent off to Nashville to be mastered.


3 SONG (EP, 2005)

Set List

Sets are often 50 mins each with mainly originals from the award winning Lonesometown LP and the newly released; MILES FROM TODAY LP.

Covers include hits like; "Your Cheatin' Heart", "The Way You Look Tonight", "King of The Road", among many others...