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Blueview Records


The Orphan's Prayer

Written By: Scott Patrick

Verse 1
[D] It's cold outside, she's all alone, [G] no pillow for a bed
[D] Not knowing of her dreams at night she just lay her [A] head
[G]wondering of a [A7] mother's love she[D] prayed to have one [G] day.
[G] She got down on her [A7] trembling knees and [G] this is [A7] what she [D] said.
1st Chorus
I am an [G] orphan you've [D] heard me many times
I've [Em] prayed for you to [G] lead me down [D] along life's weary path
[B] I'm filled with fear [A7] I trust in you to [D]guide me on my [G]way
[G]In my dreams [A7] I could see just [G]where the [A7] orphan [D] lay

Verse 2

And though I know it was just a dream, she haunts me still today
I still recall that little girl with tears rollin down her face
She prayed so hard to have a home and not to be alone
So the Lord reached down his hand and took the orphan home

If only She knew what I change I had made
Since I heard that simple prayer for God to make a way
For you see I never knew just how to say a prayer
But I got down on my bended knee’s and this is what I said
2nd Chorus
I am an Orphan, But you’ve always seen me through
Even though I never took the time to put my trust in you
Forgive me Lord for wasting so much time along the way
But thank you for the blessed change an Orphan’s Prayer can make