Scott Pettipas

Scott Pettipas

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Scott’s unique and refreshing blend of musical styles is best showcased on his self-titled debut album. As an instrumental guitarist, his style cannot be easily classified as any one specific genre, but rather is best described as an elegant hybrid of the many.


Scott Pettipas (Pet-a-paw) was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. Although from a musical family, he did not begin playing the guitar until after he graduated from high school. As a self taught guitarist who learned by ear on a twelve string, his initial purpose was only to strum along around the campfire. However, the guitar opened a new world of creativity to the artistic teenager, and Scott quickly developed a desire to study guitar theory, many times practicing up to 14 hours a day. This resulted in his ability to perform fairly advanced pieces, such as Eric Clapton solos, after only 6 months.

Growing up in his childhood home, there was always an ‘Oldies’ radio station playing early Rock & Roll music. Over the next few years Scott began incorporating the sounds he had always heard in his adolescence into his own guitar playing. The influences of guitarists such as Chuck Berry, Scotty Moore, Carl Wilson, and John Fogerty began to emerge as Scott spent more time playing an electric guitar in the late 1990’s. Like most music lovers, his initial influences were not just limited to early Rock & Roll. Ranging from John Denver and James Taylor in the acoustic songwriter genre, to the electric blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and then to Stan Rogers and other more traditional acts in local East Coast music, to name a few.

After honing his skills, predominantly as a lead guitarist accompanying other musicians, Scott began feeling limited in playing just lead lines and thus, he began exploring the prospects of opening / alternate tuning. It was in these new tunings, that the guitar began opening up new sounds and techniques. Also, by revising the instruments potential in this way, it enabled Scott to learn how to arrange and play both rhythm and melody on a single guitar.

Scott’s musical journey took another unexpected turn in 2002 while stationed at the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston, Ontario. He bought his first classical guitar. Scott thought the nylon strings would be quieter, and the classical guitar more mobile, and easier to store while living on base. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the classical guitar, and Scott’s ability to arrange complex pieces, to naturally lead him to the playing of Chet Atkins. During his spare time in the Canadian Armed Forces, Scott not only grew his skills as a songwriter but also continued to develop an interest for more sophisticated techniques traditionally reserved for Classical, Flamenco, and Jazz guitar.

Scott is a member of SOCAN, The Songwriters Association of Canada, The Alberta Music IndustryAssociation, The Gospel Music Association Canada and The East Coast Music Association.

He currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife and young daughter.


East by Moonlight

Written By: Scott Pettipas

NOTE: Although I have written lyrics for this song (which are included below), it has been intentionally recorded and submitted as an instrumental piece.

East by Moonlight by Scott Pettipas

Walking East by moonlight and guided by the starlight
I came across a stream and stopped to rest.
While sitting upon a boulder that for centuries was weathered.
I gazed upon the stream and caught my breath.

The stars they took to dancing in the late autumn horizon.
As they revealed themselves to me in the broken water.
A virgin snow had landed on this land that seemed enchanted,
and my thoughts escaped my tasks and turned to her.

Oh where in these stars could I look tonight,
To find a way to be with her?
Oh where should I be roving if not East by moonlight?
Perhaps I'll never make it.

She was a stablemaiden, and a bedkeep to my master.
Her common auburn hair was tightly woven.
She resided near the main house, that was nestled by the heather.
And her perfect hazel eyes could trap the ocean.

Oh dark October sky, please comfort me for just a little longer
With the visions of my love that we both hold dear.
There is a longing in my heart that helps me grow a little stronger,
But it might not be enough I gravely fear.

Oh where in these stars could I look tonight,
To find a way to be with her?
Oh where should I be roving if not East by moonlight?
Perhaps I'll never make it.

Meandering Through Marseille

Written By: Scott Pettipas

This song is an instrumental. No lyrics.


Debut album titled 'Scott Pettipas'

1. Mr. Brightside
2. East by Moonlight
3. Bizarre Love Triangle
4. The White Rose of Athens
5. Meandering Through Marseille
6. One of Us Cannot be Wrong
7. Both Sides Now
8. Beach Boys Medley
9. Romanza
10. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
11. John Denver Medley