Scott Raba & the ACE

Scott Raba & the ACE


Scott Raba & the ACE are the definition of pure Pop Rock. With every song boasting pure melodies with a kick-in-the-chest sound with a dynamic and creative chemistry. They are currently expanding their fanbase all over the UK and loving every moment! Pls check out the myspace!


Scott Raba began writing songs at the age of 15 performing around London armed with an acoustic guitar and a great emotive and powerful voice. With influences ranging from Bob Dylan, Springsteen through to modern day artists, it is these who have helped him to develop his strong sense of melody and undeniably powerful vocals.

In 2009 Scott brought together his own band the ACE, with their previous knowledge and background experience in other bands, the boys pushed Scotts music to new levels releasing a "half acoustic" and "half electric" EP named 93. During this period the band exploded around the local scene breaking limits at local bars and clubs and even performing out at the o2's BME.

The band used this period to reach out to all of their fans and its them that makes what they are doing worthwhile. Every week the band write new music releasing videos, recordings, photos across Facebook, Myspace and twitter as often as possible. The band's gigging locations also include "The Troubadour," "British Music Experience," "The Cobdon Club" and are soon to be performing the festivals out in Devon alongside Will Young.

Scott Raba & the ACE are loving every opportunity to play their music to the people for the music has meaning and passion whilst being enjoyable and unique.

"Thanks for taking the time to read through our bio"- Scott Raba


EP "93"- Released October 2009
2.River Runs Dry
3.The Enemy
5.If Your Mine
6. Daydreamer Kid
7. Sticks

Scott Raba & the ACE DVD
1.Running Red Lights (Live from the Troubadour London)
2.Essex Song
3. I'm In Jail (Promotional Music Video)

Demon FM Radio Set

Set List

Standard 30-40 Minute Set:

1.Haunted House
2.Essex Song
4.The Enemy
5.Let it All
6.If You're Mine
7.Im In Jail / Running Red Lights

(Bonus Tracks)
If Only
Daydreamer Kid
In America

(Previous Covers Performed)
Dancing in the Dark
Sex On Fire