Scott Rednor and His Band

Scott Rednor and His Band


We deliver original and cover music using a strong sense of melody, organic instumentation, and without relying on volume. We leave every listener at a loss for words of description. You just have to hear it!


We are a group of individuals that have been writing, recording, and touring for the better part of ten years. We have found the common thread in music that sets us apart from others. That is a sense of musicality , melody, dynamics, and song selection.


Dear Liza...Jalopy
Dear Liza...Back to that Day
Tony C and The Truth...Demonophonic Blues

Set List

We have about 15 originals and we'll play covers from Prince to Johnny Cash, Alan Parsons to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder to David Bowie. We can play for four hours straight including a wicked straight ahead Jazz set!