Scott Savol

Scott Savol




Scott Savol’s four-year transformation is complete and he is ready to
claim his spot in the music industry. Scott’s debut album, “Ordinary
Man Extraordinary Gift”, takes you on a vocal expedition that will
stimulate your senses, penetrate your mind and captivate your eardrums;
with lyrics that will leave you spellbounde. Scotts Savol receives critical
acclaim from the elite American Idol judges; Paula Abdul, Simon
Cowell and Randy Jackson. Scott Savol rendition of the Phil Collins
classic Against All Odds “Take a Look at me Now”, went certified
Gold in 2005 after winning the hearts of voters on American Idol
season 4. This Album has been called a “Phenomenon”, that will have
you craving to hear more.
Illuminating the stage of American Idol in 2005 was just the beginning
of Scott Savol’s profound movement. Undertaking harsh slurs of critics
and commentators has left a chip on Scott’s shoulder. Isolated for the
past four years, Scott’s been strategizing a puncturing combat plan.
He intends to smite the tyrants that decree that an ordinary man will never flourish with only an
extraordinary gift. There is nothing artificial about him only natural; the stench of success fills his nostrils
with the hunger of battle. The unearthly plot is understood and his ambush will be unforeseen.
Scott Savol’s appetite is flooding with vengeance; harnessed by obscure slander from Simon Cowell.
Scott’s new debonair style compliments his notorious success. Leaving all skeptics dumbfounded as he
proves again with his new album that he is here to stay.
Lookout for Scott Savol’s debut album, “Ordinary Man Extraordinary Gift” release scheduled for early 2010.


"Against All Odds"
"I Am Yours"
"Don't Rush"

Set List

"Against All Odds"
"Something Right"
"She's Gone"
"Dance With My Father"
"On Broadway"
"Everytime You Go Away"
"Amazing Love"