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"Staying Power/How does Scott Savol keep his spot each week on 'American Idol'?"

There are two inexplicable events that have occurred to people involved in "American Idol" this season. The first is Ryan Seacrest's getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The second is the staying power of Scott Savol, who has more lives than Wile E. Coyote.

This week was no exception. Once again, Savol was among the lower trio, along with Anthony Fedorov and Anwar Robinson. And once again, Savol got to make the hurried walk back to safety as Robinson became the sixth finalist to be sent packing.

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- Craig Berman/MSNBC News

"How has Scott Savol manage to stay on Idol so long?""

For weeks the judges and the media have singled out Savol as the contestant who should be sent home, but voters have refused to listen. Even after his domestic-violence record surfaced (see " 'Idol' Finalist Scott Savol's Past Domestic Violence Rap Surfaces"), "Scotty the Body" — as Ryan Seacrest calls him — has managed to escape elimination week after week. So what's his secret?

"I think Scott represents a lot of Generation Y," added Sting7, Reality News Online's resident "Idol" expert. "The kids who are told they won't amount to anything by their parents, the guys who are too fat to date the cheerleaders, not cute enough to be popular in their circles. Simon himself said 'Idol' was created with Scotts in mind, because on his own, Scott would never get a record deal. Scott is kind of an everyman who found himself with a golden opportunity, and there are those out there who are supporting his unlikely dream."

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"Scott Savol, left holding the baggy."

It had to happen. It's just astonishing that it took eight long rounds of voting. Scott Savol had to be dismissed from "American Idol."

Had to.

There were many reasons why Savol could not win, the least of which was his inability to stay on pitch. Pop stars do not need perfect voices and one only has to listen to Jennifer Lopez or Mary J. Blige as proof. But they do need to be compelling. They need to have a stage presence so magnetic that they mesmerize the audience. The audience must want to emulate these performers -- dance like they do, dress like they do, sound like they do. They must idolize them.

Scott Savol Performing on
Boxy jackets and oversize pants had Scott Savol looking ordinary to be idolized.(Ray Mickshaw - Fox)
Savol could not be the "American Idol" because he does not inspire mimicry. As judge Simon Cowell once noted, the inexplicably swaggering Savol was ordinary. Audiences might admire the chutzpah of an ordinary man. But they do not aspire to be him.

In one of the recorded interviews shown before his performance Tuesday night, Savol noted that one of his favorite things about his time on "American Idol" was having a fashion stylist select his clothes and help him look his best on television. Savol may have wanted to rethink some of that advice.

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"Against All Odds"
"I Am Yours"
"Don't Rush"



Scott Savol’s four-year transformation is complete and he is ready to
claim his spot in the music industry. Scott’s debut album, “Ordinary
Man Extraordinary Gift”, takes you on a vocal expedition that will
stimulate your senses, penetrate your mind and captivate your eardrums;
with lyrics that will leave you spellbounde. Scotts Savol receives critical
acclaim from the elite American Idol judges; Paula Abdul, Simon
Cowell and Randy Jackson. Scott Savol rendition of the Phil Collins
classic Against All Odds “Take a Look at me Now”, went certified
Gold in 2005 after winning the hearts of voters on American Idol
season 4. This Album has been called a “Phenomenon”, that will have
you craving to hear more.
Illuminating the stage of American Idol in 2005 was just the beginning
of Scott Savol’s profound movement. Undertaking harsh slurs of critics
and commentators has left a chip on Scott’s shoulder. Isolated for the
past four years, Scott’s been strategizing a puncturing combat plan.
He intends to smite the tyrants that decree that an ordinary man will never flourish with only an
extraordinary gift. There is nothing artificial about him only natural; the stench of success fills his nostrils
with the hunger of battle. The unearthly plot is understood and his ambush will be unforeseen.
Scott Savol’s appetite is flooding with vengeance; harnessed by obscure slander from Simon Cowell.
Scott’s new debonair style compliments his notorious success. Leaving all skeptics dumbfounded as he
proves again with his new album that he is here to stay.
Lookout for Scott Savol’s debut album, “Ordinary Man Extraordinary Gift” release scheduled for early 2010.