Scott Sharrard

Scott Sharrard


Prince meets Coldplay...Soulful Rock and introspective ballads sidle up to searing funk and the virtuostic guitar playing and soulful, agile pipes of critically acclaimed Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer/Performer, Scott Sharrard.


"Sharrard is an incredible lead vocalist
and guitarist"
Ron Scott, New York Amsterdam News

"One of the best guitarists in the
country...danceable soul grooves that
support a lyrical journey."
Larry Flick, Billboard Magazine

"Well crafted grooves with a lot of soul...
Scott Sharrard is one of the best blue
eyed soul singers we've heard in years...America's answer to Lewis Taylor."
Dusty Groove America

"Sharrard is the next Eric Clapton"
Indianapolis Star Tribune

"Dawnbreaker" is the debut solo album from former Chesterfield's frontman, vocalist and guitarist, Scott Sharrard. Imagine the soulful, funky rock of Prince and Lenny Kravitz combined with the confessional ballads of Coldplay or Zero 7 and fused with the virtuosic guitar styles of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton... now you might start to understand the sonic landscape that is the music of Scott Sharrard.

Diverse influences abound in Scott's musical palate and the resulting fusion becomes the kind of sophisticated pop music that we have not heard in generations. He is already a renowned songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and producer and "Dawnbreaker" also features his talents as a drummer, bassist, keyboardist and arranger.

Scott was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan into a family steeped in the arts. His father was a folk/rock musician who then went on to teaching radio and film production (eventually settling into the cable industry), while his mother was an aspiring artist. At the age of 10, Scott picked up one of his father's guitars and began learning Chuck Berry songs and accompanying his father. What started as a passing interest quickly became an obsession, and soon Scott, at the urging of his parents, began spending all his time developing his craft.

The family finally settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Scott was accepted into the acclaimed Milwaukee High School of the Arts. By day, Scott studied and performed with the school's modern jazz ensemble; interpreting the works of Miles Davis and Coltrane, performing with guest professors like Kenny Barron, Joshua Redman, and Roy Hargrove and earning several awards for his performances. By night, Scott, at the age of 15, was a blues guitar “gunslinger” and journeyman musician; performing with the likes of Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix's drummer) and Melvin Rhyne (Wes Montgomery's organist). Eventually he formed his own band, “The Chesterfields Kings”, with some of the Midwest's best musicians (who were all twice his age). With Scott as the lead vocalist, guitarist and front man, the “Kings” took the scene by storm, with Scott's first stab at universal soul; incorporating elements of R&B, Blues and Soul with Pop song craft and Jazz improvisation.

Shortly after graduating from the High School of the Arts and receiving national recognition as one of the best guitarists in the Country at the Memphis King Biscuit Blues Festival, at the age of 19, Scott made the move to New York City. Arriving in New York, Scott immediately began performing with a new line up of his own band, now dubbed “The Chesterfields”. They independently produced and released two albums (1998's The Chesterfields and in 2001, Henry Street Soul) to wide critical acclaim.

The band received strong college radio airplay and performed and toured at a wide array of East Coast and Midwest clubs, theaters, and festivals. They also opened shows for such artists as Dr. John and Midnight Oil and received critical praise from Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20), Billboard Magazine, Producer Russ Titlemen, and Ahmet Ertegun. During this time, Scott built a solid reputation as a freelance guitarist, vocalist, producer, and composer; working with a variety of artists such as: P. Diddy, Marshall Crenshaw, Cornelius Bumpus, Lew Soloff, Michael Powers, Matt Wilson, Jerry Vivino, Grant Green Jr., Katy Pfaffl, Brian Charette, and many others, performing all styles from Hip-Hop to Modern Jazz.

In 2003, Scott amicably parted ways with The Chesterfields and began recording demos for what is now his debut solo album, "Dawnbreaker", with Producer/Engineer Charles Martinez (Rob Thomas, Keith Richards, MickJagger) and drummer Charlie Drayton (Keith Richards, B-52's). He is currently touring and performing with his new band and shopping his albums to major record labels with the help of renowned music attorney, Peter Thall.

Scott's music can tell stories of fast living and urban isolation (Thousand Days and In Her Arms), explore the trials and complexities of love (Down), or express a need for truth and spiritual redemption (Approval and Show Us The Way). All of these lyrical themes, combined with an endless palate of relentless grooves, soulful vocals, soaring guitar work, and dense harmonies culminate to create a universal soul music that is the music of Scott Sharrard.


Scott Sharrard- "Dawnbreaker" (May 2005)

Set List

Scott's Live sets are a dynamic and soulful ride. Most sets feature Scott's original music and also his arrangements of tunes by artists like Jeff Buckley, Paul Weller, Al Green, Donny Hathaway and Jimi Hendrix.
He performs Live with either his trio (bass and drums) or as a solo acoustic act.
Scott's sets vary in length depending on the venue (typically one hour set but sometimes stretching to 4 set club gigs).
In addition to his extensive repertoire of original music he also performs a wide variety of cover material at clubs and private events ranging from Rock to Modern Jazz.