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the door is open, step right on in…

Scott Silipigni might not be a familiar name and its certainly one that’s not going to trip off the tongue easily but you would be well advised to practice your pronunciation because, if there is any justice in the world, this guys name is going to be on everyone’s lips. Or tips of tongues at the very least. Imagine, if you will, Josh Rouse with Ryan Adam’s drinking habits fronting the Jayhawks going through a Replacements tribute album. Never straying very far from the firmly mid-tempo this album is all about the phrasing – that certain tight but loose feel that hits the spot, musically speaking, every time. Everything is present and correct musically speaking – the obvious (strummed guitars, solid bass, ‘touch’ drumming), the expected ( some horns, some steel guitar) and the interesting (clavinova? Melodica?) not to mention some nice keyboards and the odd harmony vocal. This really does tick all the boxes and you could do worse than make it your ‘summer’ Americana record of choice.

This is Silipigni’s second record and apparently there were a good number of songs that didn’t make the cut for this one. In which case the future looks very bright for these guys operating out of Philadelphia (specifically the Carriage House studios of the title).

Paul Villers
Americana-UK - Paul Villers

"Kool Kat Musik (Feb 27, 2007)"

Carriage House Chronicles will immediately appeal to fans of Ryan Adam, The Jayhawks, Son Volt- You know, all the upper echelon bands of this genre
- Ray Giancetti


It`s a beguiling and enthralling listen from beginning to end. Silipigni writes outstanding songs, a bunch here that evoke the spirit of Ryan Adams` "Gold". It`s earthy blend of memorable melodies filled with soaring harmonies and the sweet raspiness of Silipigni`s vocals. Alternatingly both Stirring and passionate, Simple View saturated with hushed hooks that embrace and don`t let go and finely accented arrangements. A winning debut of a new talent arriving with confidence and the results to boot. Extremely Highly Recommended - Bruce Brodeen

"Dagger Magazine"

SCOTT SILIPIGNI- SIMPLE VIEW- SELF-RELEASED- Silipigni left his comfy South jersey environs and made his way west, north west actually to Philly where he apparently has been honing his songwriting craft for a few years and the results are wonderful. “For all the Souls” opens the record in a warm, inviting way while the title track mixes traditional strummy gui! tars and harmonicas with uplifting lyrics (“ I’ll take a chance to change this life forever, just like adding flowers to a desolate landscape”) and with some players from bands in the Record Cellar scene (ie: Frog Holler, Buzz Zeemer, etc.) the playing is fantastic but the songwriting is all Scott and for those of us who appreciate some pure heart and soul with our music, you need to hear this fantastic debut by a promising new talent. - Tim Hinely


Simple View, the debut release for Philly songwriter Scott Silipigni, is an embracing collection of warm, mid-tempo roots-pop songs infused with humble melody and groovy sway. With both fragile and weary tones, Silipigni finds matters of the heart an easy subject that perfectly compliments his delivery - a passionate, earthy rasp that warms every word. Fans of Gingersol and Minibar may also hear hints of Ryan Adams as they enjoy this solid record from a thoughtful and vibrant tunesmith. (self-released)
Corrie Gregory -
- Corrie Gregory

"Rootshighway Magazine Italy"

Scott Silipigni - Simple View Self-Released 2005 1/2

inserito 25/05/2005
Esiste una linea sottile che unisce il mainstream americano ad un pop rock più moderno. Esiste un esile spago che tiene appesi alcuni dei suoni attuali al rock classico, al jingle-jangle e al country-rock. Esistono infine musicisti che, nonostante un massiccio ed inevitabile approccio pop che qualcuno considera forse troppo commerciale e buono solo per passaggi radiofonici, si ispirano però a melodie più rurali, celandole dietro ad arrangiamenti delicati e canzoni accattivanti. Proprio fra questi ultimi, troviamo Scott Silipigni, songwriter di Philadelphia dalle spiccate doti cantautorali (la stampa americana l'ha paragonato a Ryan Adams) e dallo stile pop-oriented, atto ad occultare una serie di combinazioni promettenti e persino roots. Come avrete potuto intuire, gli accenni introduttivi al jingle-jangle non erano casuali: nel suo tentativo di depistaggio, il bravo Scott ha lasciato suo malgrado qualche traccia che consente di risalire a quell'inclinazione. Già scandagliando ogni nota del suo esordio Simple View, emergono aspetti musicali interessanti, che lasciano delineare vaghi tratti peculiari di diversi predecessori: dal ritmo della title-track e da Think Of You emergono i Traveling Wilburys (superband con Dylan, Petty, Harrison e Orbison, un melting-pot difficile da riproporre); sospettiamo dei Jayhawks con Love Like, Living On A Daydream e Over It; infine, pensiamo a Springsteen, amatissimo da Scott e punto fermo per le sue parole in Good Thing: "All my life, I've been searching for something / that's sitting in front of my face / This time, I know that I won't make, the mistake that I made / In the past with the girls that I Knew"). Nel lungo percorso che ha portato a Simple View, Scott è stato anche incoraggiato da Tommy Conwell, leggenda locale nonché rude leader degli Young Ramblers, con un disco alle spalle per la Columbia (Rumble, 1988), sebbene non apprezzato dai critici. Con la collaborazione di alcuni elementi provenienti dai 4 Way Street, Ben Arnold (tastierista), Scott Bricklin e Jim Boggia (entrambi alle chitarre), Scott Silipigni confeziona, grazie alla sua voce vagamente somigliante a quella di Mark Olson, tredici tracce tutte piacevoli e costruite con la cura dei particolari, come conviene ad ogni produzione che si rispetti. Nonostante Scott voglia imprimere a Simple View una forte direzione pop, l'utilizzo di violino (in Simple View e Love Like) e mandolino (sfruttato nelle precedenti e in Stars In The Sky, forse l'unico rock dichiarato, nel quale la voce rivela i propri limiti) non fa che trasparire un'inclinazione naturale, e tutto sommato opportuna, verso tonalità più rock…quel rock che per noi merita la R maiuscola
(Carlo Lancini)
- Carlo Lancini

"Swiss Records"

Scott Silipigni kam durch einen guten Freund zur Musik: Tommy Conwell, der in Philadelphia mit Bands wie den Young Rumbles oder Rockett 88 auf sich aufmerksam machte. Conwell brachte ihm die ersten Gitarrengriffe bei. Silipigni entwickelte auch eine Fixierung für Bruce Springsteen. The Boss ist für ihn eine grosse Inspiration. Davon ist aber auf seinem Debüt «Simple view» nicht viel zu merken. In einigen Tracks ist aber gewisse Nähe zu den langsameren Songs der Rolling Stones wie «White horses» spürbar. Auch gesanglich sind gewisse Parallelen nicht von der Hand zu weisen. Zusammen mit einer Prise Elliott Smith ergibt das den Sound von Scott Silipigni: In sich gekehrter Indie-Roots-Pop. Sein zurückhaltende fast zerbrechliche Stimme ist für diese Art von Musik auch besser geeignet. Manchmal klingt das wirklich wie der Titel eines Songs: «Living on a daydream». Zwischendurch möchten wir das doch alle!!

- Robert Pally


Carriage House Chronicles- Febuary 23, 2007

Simple View- September 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Scott Silipigni Band has been creating quite a buzz in the Philadelphia area these days. Just releasing their second full length cd, Carriage House Chronicles, (kawari) this band is garnering a lot of attention. With comparisons to the likes of Neil Young, Wilco, and The Band in their live performances, these guys are definitely worth your time!