Scott Steele

Scott Steele


With a voice that will blow you away and his ability to keep his fans wanting more, Scott Steele is a force to be reckoned with. His music consists of country, blues, and rock all blended into one. A night with Scott Steele and your venue will rock all night long! Become a part of the Tour today!


Scott Steele began singing and performing at the age of eight in South Louisiana. He was given his first guitar then and after six months of teaching himself how to play using a book of old Hank songs, he was hooked on country music. Around this time he began playing and singing at church and very soon he was comfortable playing and singing in front of a large audience. He took up playing piano at eleven years old and at twelve wrote his first song while playing the piano after church one Sunday. It was then that he knew song writing would be his true heart's desire and Nashville began to call. In 2004 his first album, "One In A Million was complete. Scott Steele has played many venues from Texas to Mississippi including Gruene country hall in Gruene Texas, The Farmer’s Daughter in San Antonio Texas, Bear Creek Saloon in Montpelier, Louisiana, The Hammond Music Festival in Hammond, Louisiana.. and many bars and honky-tonks playing covers and squeezing in originals along the way. His personality lends to his stage presence and his consistent ability to connect with the audience is something to see. Scott Steele rang in the New Year (2008) in Nashville as a resident and he couldn't be happier. He is currently working on his second album "Out on the Road" with the help of Buddy Hyatt, and a fantastic team at The Tracking Room. Mitch Kamp is the Creative Consultant on the project and first friend he jammed with in Nashville. This project takes on country music and blends it with his own unique contemporary sound. "It's All Good" and "Do You Believe" are the first of many Scott Steele's songs to come. Now that he is home in Nashville he is positioned to work even harder and take his artistry to the next level. Scott is also dedicated to supporting charities such as The Special Olympics and Project Child Smiles and is available for performing free to raise money for these causes.


"Its All Good"

Written By: Scott Steele

It's All Good
written by Scott Steele
copyright 2008

I wake up every morning. It the same old day.

And even though nothing changes everything seems to go my way

I pour myself a cup of coffee, put my blue jeans on

Head out to my job but I'm dreaming of coming home

No one else can love me like you do


It's all good, coming home to you

It's all good Oh the things that you do

It's all good everytime I see you smile

No one else can love me like you do

Oh its all good

Later in the evening on my way home

I can't help but think about you in bed there all alone

I pull my car into the drive put my key into the door

Rush back to the bedroom and drop my jeans there on the floor

Cause no one else can love me like you do


EP: Out On The Road includes the following tracks (release March 2010)

Everyday Heroes - being released to radio March 15, 2010 - CDX Vol 495
Its All Good
Do You Believe
Music Man
Doing Things the Hard Way
Her Only Weakness
Everyday Heroes
Out on The Road

Set List

Scott Steele performs cover songs and orginal music. Scott's set ranges from 1-4 hours.
Original Sets range from 1-1.5 hours.
Acoustic Sets range from 30 min to 1 hour.