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"Review - Scott Stein"

By: Lauren Kirk

Akron native Scott Stein relocated to New York in 2007, where he continues to fine-tune his career as a singer and pianist. 2009 brought Stein’s professional debut, Jukebox. The seven song LP is soft, smooth, and poetic. Rich lyrics “Whiskey and traffic lights can’t wash my true colors out…” blend nicely with the beats, neither overshadowing, as each song highlights a variety of instruments ranging from a Fender Rhodes and a cello, to a glockenspiel. Stein’s voice is clear and deliberate, as patient as a preschool teacher, allowing emotion to sink into every song. His lyrics are never muddled or lost.

The seven songs on Jukebox all hit with different tempos and styles, but Stein’s voice is the force that keeps it all together. It is easy to see why these songs were selected for the release. The faster songs are danceable while the slower tracks are perfect to sing along to, particularly Everytime I Fall. This song could be the perfect wrap up to an evening out with friends or a solo sing-along in the car. The duet, Saturday Saturday, with Shanna Zell, is an emotional track, reminding you of all the relationships you had that never materialized. The opening track Cheap Red Wine is an instant attention grabber due to a conversational, easy tone that makes it impossible to resist the urge to tap your feet and learn every word. Stein’s piano skills are highlighted throughout.

For fans of singer-songwriters, this introspective album is full of substance. There is a song here that will force even the most hardened listener to sing and bob their head. - Cleveland Independent


Temporary Romance (EP) - 2004
Live at the 5th Ave. Coffee Shop - 2005
Two Lane Heartache Waltz - 2006
Jukebox (EP) - 2009



Scott Stein is 26-year-old pianist, composer, music teacher, and singer / songwriter based in New York City. He was born and raised in Akron, Ohio where he studied under local legend Pat Pace during his formative years. He went on to study at The Ohio State University where he received his B.M. in Composition and his B.A. in Jewish Studies in 2006. While attending Ohio State, Scott received numerous awards for his piano skills and compositions, including the Ruth Friscoe Prize for Jazz Composition in 2005 and 2006. He studied piano with Mark Flugge and Bobby Floyd as well as the late Hank Marr and studied composition with Marc Ainger and Donald Harris. During his time in Columbus, Scott was an active part of the local music scene, having released three albums of original songs in three years - Temporary Romance (2004), Live at the 5th Ave. Coffee Shop (2005) and Two Lane Heartache Waltz (2006). He earned significant airplay on Akron's 91.3 FM and played many different clubs in Akron and Columbus.

In 2007, Scott was awarded the Guild of Temple Musicians Young Composer Award for his choral piece, Shirat HaYam, which is being published by Transcontinental Publications in the coming year. That summer, he relocated to New York City where he has become a very active part of the local scene. In addition to playing such venues as the Living Room, Bitter End, and Rockwood Music Hall as a singer / songwriter, he can also be seen playing with alt-country rockers The Ramblers and songwriter Shanna Zell. Among the other NYC artists he has worked with are: The Shells, Chaz Langley, Jeff Litman, Jenna Torres, Lilian Borunda, and Food Will Win the War.

In May 2009, Scott released a brand new EP entitled "Jukebox", his first since relocating to New York. He produced the album along with Jeremiah Birnbaum and Aaron Nevezie, who engineered the project at The Bunker Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Some of the songs have already garnered spots on local music podcasts such as Harris Radio, Radio Crystal Blue, and Nefarious Bovine Radio (NBR).