Scott Stilwell

Scott Stilwell


Inspirational music for everyone. Songs about faith, life and relationships.


In 2006, Scott Stilwell found himself in between jobs while searching to find his niche in the music business. His wife Sharon suggested a month in Nashville to explore "the songwriting thing". Every year thousands of musicians and writers migrate to Nashville to make their dreams come true and thousands head back home feeling unfulfilled.

Stilwell's Nashville experience proved invigorating as he networked into the close knit music community. Since that time, he's continued to hone his craft and write his best songs to date, culminating with the release of his new CD, "Witness".

In 2007, Scott accepted a job as the Director of Music and Fine Arts at his home church in Des Moines. Working in a creative capacity every day has allowed him to become more focused on music. He now shares his gift of songwriting to diverse audiences in live performances, worship services, workshops and even prisons.

He is also well versed in the "business" aspect of music, having been the founder and coordinator of "The Lighthouse" in Des Moines. Recognized as one of the great small concert series in the Midwest, "The Lighthouse" was a haven for some of the finest performers and songwriters in the country, including Patty Larkin, John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky, Dennis Warner, Tom Kimmel, Susan Werner, Alison Brown, Guy Davis, etc.

The Paul Salisbury produced "Witness" is a 16 song faith journey, exploring relationships with God through stories and prayers. The CD includes 15 songs written by Stilwell along with Peter Mayer's "Holy Now". Several noted performers make guest appearances with Stilwell on "Witness", including acclaimed harmonica player Dave Moore and vocalist Ingrid Graudins.


Picture of Jesus

Written By: Scott A. Stilwell

I've got a picture of Jesus and he looks like my father; eyes full of kindess and hair turning gray.
I've got a picture of Jesus and his skin's a little darker; hair black as nihgt and his clothes torn and freyed.
I've got a picture of Jesus and he looks like my neighbor; hands rough from labor and a smile that shines. It doesn't matter what my picture looks like, I know that it's right and I know that it's mine.

I've got a picture of Jesus and he's white just like I am; fair as the daylight and its a mystery to me.
I've got a picture of Jesus and he's black like my brother, red like another for the whole world to see.

I've got a picture of Jesus and he looks like my enemy; the one that I'm fighthing and I'm not sure why.
It doesn't matter what my picture looks like; I know that it's right and I know that it's mine

Asian, Caucasian, Native American,
ALbanian, Jordanian; the colors are true.
From Azerbaijahn to Nepal or Milan, I'll bet that he looks alot like you.

So, what's your picture of Jesus?
What does he look like?
Is he someone you'd welcome if he showed up tonight?
It doesn't matter what your picture looks like;
know that it's yours and know that it's right.


"Witness" - Released October 2008

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