Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson


Blending influences such as Peter Gabriel, The Dave Matthews Band, and The Indigo Girls has created the sound that Scott Thompson is known for - woven into thoughtful songs with melodic hooks and a broad spectrum of appeal. Live shows focus on an energetic performance with a friendly delivery.


Scott Thompson was born on March 24, 1971 in Livonia, Michigan. He grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan where, during his early teens, he developed his enthusiasm for music and playing in bands. Having a musical father who, at the time, owned a guitar store came in handy. Scott became equipped with his first guitar - an ElectraWestone electric still in his arsenal; and a neighborhood friend with a drum set and very patient parents. With these ingredients in place, Scott was in his first band. We would go on to receive several years of classical guitar training and jazz bass training during high school.

Scott left home for college in Kalamazoo, MI and joined Ghostdanse - a "modern rock" outfit similar to REM and The Police - an assignment that introduced him to playing in clubs before his legal age, and touring the MidWest. This was followed by a stint with Delta Fawcett, a progressive rock band with a cult following in Western Michigan. During these years, Scott cultivated his skills on the piano/keyboards as well as fretless bass and as a vocalist. He composed music for local television productions, taught guitar lessons to classmates and did various session work on occasion. With the encouragement of friends, Scott developed himself as a solo performer, a guitarist/vocalist. He wrote songs and released his first attempts of a product, "Face One" and "It Sounds Like You Feel" (both out-of-print cassettes). As Scott moved, he found himself in other bands as well including: The Soul Breakers (Cincinnati, Ohio - lead electric guitar), Space Nelson (Detroit, MI - bass/keyboards/vocals) and The Atomic 80's (Detroit, MI - keyboards/guitar/vocals).

Moving the story to early 2006, most of his time had been spent as a solo guitarist and vocalist - performing in restaurants, clubs, at wedding and for special occasions. At this point, the "progressive rock" angels started calling again ... and so did The Forgotten Sons (Marillion Tribute band). The band was born in February, 2006 and has become a hallmark of Scott's work in music. Currently Scott's time is split between the band and his solo career (his first solo CD, "All The Wisdom" was released in May, 2007); and a full-time career practicing medicine. Yet another venture, the prog-metal band "Mellotron" has also requested Scott's participation and is promising to be a musical force to be reckoned with.


Lyrics from "All The Wisdom"

Written By: Scott Thompson with Co-Writers Brant Satala and Kathleen Thompson

Lyrics from "All The Wisdom:"

* - co-written by Kathleen Thompson

** - co-written by Brant Satala

"All the Wisdom" *

You can't walk into the same river twice,

you may lose more than your life.

Gotta ditch the baggage of too much advice,

'cause you're not the rock of ages.

Don't claim a check that's not a toll.

Don't claim a thought not thought up on your own.

When you don't pin your life down,

and don't try to cling,

it will flow like water, goes away, and comes back again.

I'm still afraid of the dark,

no matter what I learn, all the wisdom I impart.

Still afraid of the fall, from the weight of it all,

Always hoping for, a new start

Don't blow your earnings, cut the plastic into shreds,

you'll end up like me, working 'til the end.

Treasure your health, watch your back and protect yourself

and don't give it all away to anybody else.

Try to take it all in, but not to fast your head will spin,

sample your vices in moderation

Enjoy life, find a wife and hold her tight,

and share the view of every star-shone night.

"Close the Door"

Would I have to ask if I were crazy, to the old man sitting on the porch?

I asked him "why" and he told me "maybe"

I get the feeling I've been here before.

I start to walk down the ghost street.

Carrying candles for those in my past.

There's a fire where the old church used to be.

Ignoring questions of things that don't last.

Visions flash, hopes are dashed.

You were a wonder as once before.

Still haunting, but not believing.

Behind my face, I'll close the door.

How many nights must I lie awake,

praying for time's hands to fold.

My last tie to you is now at stake,

and her eyes look away when your story's told.

I stand alone, on the edge of the hill

Sensing what you must feel.

Like you once before, I will

choose what is mine and what is real.

I had a dream you were still alive, I know the place where you've chosen to hide.

With arms all around me, I'm shaking inside.

"Would I have to ask if I were crazy?" Said the old man sitting on the porch.

He asked me "why" and I told him "maybe"

I get this feeling ...

"Higher You Fly"

You used to be, a little more than the size of my hands.

Then you grew to be, so much more than you'll ever understand.

A gift from above, a soaring dove.

You will guide me through, so many storms.

You make it hard to watch you grow.

Higher and higher you fly, away from here

Sooner or later you'll find your way through the years

I never knew true beauty, until I saw your face

I never knew purity, it is your way

A cheerful laugh, a calming smile

to bring me back to where I started

You make it hard to let you go.

Higher and higher you fly, away from here

Sooner or later you'll find your way through the years.

Higher and higher you fly, away from here.

Sooner or later you'll find you can overcome your fears.

Young and new, proud and bright

You came to me in the daylight

Full of life, you bring me hope

and take me where I need to go.

So innocent and full of life

in time you will, begin your flight.

In my heart, you'll forever stay

starting now on this special day.


After all is said and done,

we count our losses to see who's won.

it's after all these years that you say, "I'm free."

And the darkness seems to bury me,

it's getting darker by the day.

Although I know where I need to be, I cannot be free

I can't believe how it's all fallen on me,

I can't hide this war inside.

I'm glad that you're free, but I'm still inside "me."

Changing my days, and hiding my face,

There's a new division here, I just can't trace.

I'm sorry to say, it ended this way.

After I held you in times of grief,

while I sat waiting.

I still stand here in disbelief,

still dreaming and wanting.

Now you admit, you've found peace.

And I try to find what it all meant.

I'll finally find my way through this,

I'll become content.

"The Letting Go" **

You gave it away, from the moment you surrendered

and were led astray, to a reality tender

For the first time, it's the mark of a change

for the last time, innocence deranged.

An invitation, withdrawn without reason

My confusion, a good friend's act of treason

I was one of some forgotten "loose ends,"

and he a coward, betrayed me in one weekend.

The strength is in the letting go, a voice inside releasing

You can't hold onto what is lost, just keep it in the heart beating.

You were the chosen one, for one hundred weeks

I was, at the time, all I thought I wanted to be.

Left alone, in the end, eventually

Scratching my head, in a room full of debris

You can have the best of me, if it


Scott Thompson - All The Wisdom (2007)
Space Nelson - Slackjawed (1998)
Scott Thompson - It Sounds Like You Feel (1994)
Delta Fawcett - Tiger on the Wall (1994)

Set List

From "All The Wisdom:"
Close The Door
Higher You Fly
The Wind, The Water and The Woman
The Letting Go
Your Name
A New Song
She Loves The Rain (from upcoming CD)
Tattoo (from upcoming CD)

Covers include:
Red Rain (Peter Gabriel)
Surrender (Cheap Trick)
Grace (Jeff Buckley)
Deuce (Kiss)