Scott Valentine

Scott Valentine


Beautiful melodies woven through stories of our struggles with life, identity and love in the 21st century.


Scott Valentine is a passionate singer and songwriter whose rich, dynamic vocals rouse the listener and soothe the ear while unique lyrical stylings provoke the mind and inspire the heart.

From an early age Scott found inspiration from life's turbulence in the melodies and arrangements of musical legends Lennon/McCartney. At the age of twelve, after a family vacation to Europe that included a pilgrimage to The Beatles hometown of Liverpool, he returned home to purchase his first guitar at a local garage sale for twenty dollars.

Throughout his teenage years, Scott battled with the pressures of fitting in with his peers and sought solace in the comfort of a simple chord strummed beneath the words sung from his heart. He began writing songs and telling stories with music while struggling to discover some hint of his life's purpose.

At twenty-two, he wrote a passionate letter to Daniel Quinn, the award-winning author of "Ishmael", and spent the next six months in Houston, Texas, expanding his understanding of Mr. Quinn's ideas. This experience continues to be a great source of inspiration to his lyrical approach.

Shortly after returning home from that journey, he was forced to face a tremendous loss when his only sibling, Paul, was murdered during a late-night altercation. To cope with the process of grief and healing, he once again poured his heart and soul into his music and in the process discovered within his songwriting the power to bring some comfort and strength to others while sharing the raw emotion of his own experience.

Through both the peaks and the valleys of his life so far, Scott has continued to find the inspiration that fuels his music. He shares his passionate concern for the world he lives in and an unquenchable desire to bring positive change to this remarkable human drama.


“Seasons”, the debut solo album of Canadian singer/songwriter Scott Valentine is a unique undertaking.
When completed for release for Spring/Summer 2008, the album will consist of four cd’s one for each season and one dvd with one music video for each season. The songs written for each season, ultimately one for every week in the calendar year, will represent the changing attitudes, moods, temperatures and ideas of the narrator as he navagates the varying experiences of the passing seasons.
“Spring” has examined the internal awakening and spiritual wonder he continues to experience for the natural world around him as well as the exploration of the emerging feelings of love and vulnerability it evokes. This childlike renewal and curiosity connects him to the community of life and helps him to recognize the need to release himself of the fears, doubts and worries that keep his spirit bound and prevent him from moving forward in his life with confidence, purpose and respect.
In “Summer”, he is introduced to the interpersonal realm of the human drama and many of it’s differing opinions, personalities and vibrations. He also comes face to face for the first time with humanity and the impact it has throughout his life. With its sun soaked days and high paced nights, he loses touch with some of the more important aspects of his self as passions are ignited and he experiences the great paradox of freedom of choice.
His first encounter with loss and grief opens the “Fall” experience. Its weeks of falling leaves and cooling temperatures bring him many questions about himself and the world he lives in. He begins to see the desperation and despair and as he struggles to find reasons, answers and direction for his pains he finds a source of strength in the wisdom of his experience and a common thread that once again binds him to the natural order and to his greatest humanity.
Finally “Winter” with its brooding calm and still landscapes brings the character full circle. He undergoes a maturation of the spirit and finds within a greater self-respect and desire to share inspiration in the pursuit of hope for all living things as the great earthly drama continues to unfold into the 21st century.
Like each of the records they represent, the 4 music videos will seek to bring the journey of this character to life on film. They will be shot in the visually stunning HD format by an extremely talented and generous team whose belief in this project will help the artist to achieve the fully desired scope of his vision.

Set List

My set list will vary will venue. I prefer the intimate occasions where people might gather together and listen as stories and experiences are sharwed throiugh music. Although there is a powerful element to my performance I find it difficult to play the role of entertainer to the often fickle whims of any one audience. I hope to share my passion for storytelling with those equal impassioned to experience it.